How to track lost phone using IMEI number

Is possible to track lost or stolen phone using IMEI no? Of course you will find your lost phone using with IMEI number. But there are difficulties and it is depended on your network provider. Some one use anti-theft protection application in their iPhone or mobile, but it is extra facilities. Some one never uses anti-theft protection application in their phone or doesn’t support these types of application in their phone, then how do we find our lost phone, in this situation we truck the stolen or lost phone using by IMEI number. IMEI number is individual for each phone or mobile. If you don’t know your Phone or mobile’s IMEI number, it is located on phone package or in phone sticker under phone’s buttery. To track with IMEI number, you can follow my following suggestion.

1. Firstly identify that your phone is really lost or stolen. As your phone can be hidden with your friend or nearest person.
2. File a report to the Police that mobile is stolen.
3. Report to your network service provider that your phone is stolen and show police report document if needed.
4. After file a report, police will be found your phone by tracking with IMEI number. Basically the searching option is confidential. But if your phone is registered with Google account then you can be look up you in Google. Or others place like etc where you will registered with your personal information for public.
5. But easy ways is if you have Smart phone just use a Plan B application. It is available in apps store.

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy Y

Samsung Galaxy Y or others android phone can be unlock for wrong unlocking patter. This is common problem- for example your child can be entered wrong patter more than 20 times then your Samsung Galaxy’s operating systems can be lock your phone for Too many pattern attempts. In the situation it will be ask you to unlock your phone with Google account. Some times it user has been forget their Google account user name and password and they feel tension as there is required user name or password options. Not only here, some one has not internet connection in their phone or not configured/installed internet setting or pocket data service is inactivate. In the point, how unlock their phone.

But this is not a major problem, there are huge of ways that you will be use to unlock Samsung Galaxy Y. I will discuss here some ways to unlock your phone.

Use screen lock bypass application:
You can download screen lock bypass application from Google play store and install in your PC and connect your phone with data cable to PC and reset your phone.

Reset your phone:
You can try with factor reset. To factor reset, hold down the down volume button and tap the power button then you will see “Android system Recovery” option in boot screen and select Wipe data/factory reset option, to select option use volume up down button. And select yes option, click power button to conform reboot. Wait few second or minute and restart to phone. I think it will be work to unlock your phone.

How to install New Operating System in your Blackberry Phone

If you have any Blackberry phone and if you want to install latest OS in your phone then the may help you. To install operating system in your Blackberry phone you must have Blackberry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK) apps and a PC. Not only install, you will upgrade to new operating system version with this apps. So follows the following direction step by step to complete installation easily.

1. Install the BBSAK application in your PC. If you have not available, just visit BBSAK’s official website and download the application for free.
2. Download Blackberry OS for your carrier from Blackberry website. To download OS visit our resource suggested link. And select your carrier from list then download.
3. You need another application of Blackberry desktop manager. See its download link in Resource section. So download the application and install it.
4. Connect your Blackberry phone to your computer with USB cable. If you have successfully installed the BBSAK application, it will be automatically run in connection time.
5. Before load new OS please create a back up. Backup Apps available under Backup/Restores menu. It will be back up in to the program file.
6. To load new OS in your Blackberry phone, install the downloaded blackberry OS in your PC.
7. Click the Load OS menu and select new version of OS from drop down menu and click the Load OS. There are needed some times to load new OS. If loaded complete your phone will restart. Enjoy its.


Blackberry OS
Blackberry desktop manager

Jersey Boys

The upcoming Hollywood films Jersey Boys for Warner Bros directed by Clint Eastwood is now scheduled to begin shooting this summer in Los Angeles, USA. According to Clint Eastwood, he is looking stage actors for the film, and its star is still unselected. The films story written by John Logan based on the Tony award winning Broadway musical. In the film, a group of friend goes form blue collar wrong side of the way start to become one of the biggest American pop sensations and sold their own wrote song 175 million records worldwide before their age of 30 years. Short details of the film are bellow-

Name of the film: Jersey Boys
Release date: Unfixed
Gener: Musical
Cast: Unfixed, according to a rumor there are chance to casting John Magaro, Dominic Cooper, Paul Dano, Vincent Paizza and more.
Director: Clint Eastwood and John Favreau
Distributor: Warner Bros and GK Films
Producer: Graham King and Rob Lorenz
Executive producer: Valli and Bob Gaudio
Development by: GK films and Warner Bros
Status: pre production. And its production will be start at the end of August on the Warner Bros lot.

Top 5 Ways to Unblock a Blocked Website

All websites are mainly free every where around the world. Some times government, school, administration and others company blocked some restricted website from their internet get way. For example sometimes Facebook, Youtube blocked in huge of country. In the same time, anyone who lives in the restricted area can brows or unblocked the blocked website using by some method or tricks. In the present topics I will discuss on the best 5 ways that use to unlock a blocked website.

1. Use a IP proxy software
In the web, unlimited IP proxy software is available. For example, Hide IP easy, hide ip platinum, Easy Hide IP, Proxyshell Hid IP, Auto Hide IP, Hide IP, Hide My Ip, IP Hider etc are available with cheap price. In the topics I think no need to describe how to use the software as there are properly using guide.
2. Use a Proxy server
Some online companies offer you to free proxy ip or server. For example Just visit a proxy server website and enter blocked website’s URL.
3. Use mobile internet
A number of countries mobile company always using proxy servers from another country. So you take this advantage browsing from your mobile. Remember that, mobile operator can be blocked any restricted website.
4. Use a VPN connection
Create or use a virtual private network or VPN. A free VPN name is HotspotSheild. This is more secure than Proxy server.
5. Changes DNS servers
If you are owner of blocked company you can change your website DNS setting. Mainly people are using Google DNS. Remember that, those discussed method are sometime illegal so everything responsibility for you.

Write & Submit Essay to Win $2000 - CenturyLink Leadership in Education Promotion

CentutyLink and its partner company The Colorado Rockies are offering education promotion for season 2013. During the promotion period, student, parents, teacher or faculty members which legal residential of Colorado states and his/her age is at least 13 years or older can be entry to this promotion. The promotions entry period deadlines are below-

Entry Period Deadline- Presentation Game day
1. 14th June 2013 – 29th June 2013
2. 12th July 2013 – 27th July 2013
3. 26th July 2013 – 10th August 2013
4. 17th August 2013 – 31st August 2013
5. 7th & 8th September 2013 – 21st & 22nd September 2013

There are cash and others prize. For each month winner, there are $2000 cash price and crest or others physical price that retail value at least $420. Total cash price for 5 month (5 X $2000= $ 10,000).

How to Entry in this promotion
If you are eligible to entry just visit our resource suggested link and write on the following topics-
1. Why is this teacher outstanding?
2. Why does teacher deserve this award?
3. How is the teacher a leader for your school?
4. How does this teacher go above and beyond? And additional comment.

A person can be only entry one time.

Resource Enter Now

How to Cancel Netflix Account or Membership

Netflix is an internet television network in over 40 countries around the world with 36 millions people. In the present topics I will discuss on the membership cancellation process. So any one question me that why you cancel Netflix account? Hey guys this is your own purpose. I will only discuss its procedure, and I or my article never liable for decision. However I acknowledge you that, any one (who has Netflix membership) can cancel their account any time and again resume or recover their account.

To cancel Netflix account follows the following directions
1. Visit the Netflix website and login you account.
2. Select on the “Cancel Streaming Plan” link under the “Your Streaming Plan” tab.
3. After select click the “Cancel Streaming Plan” button.
4. If you have DVD account, select the “Cancel DVD Plan” under “Your DVD Plan” and then click on the “Cancel DVD Plan”
5. If you want to stop DVD plan immediately then select the “Stop shipping DVDs to me as of today” box and click the Cancel DVD plan.

You can everything stop by calling your nearest Netflix center or call at 1-866-716-0414 for support.

Angelina Jolie’s Breast Cancer

Rumor about Angelina Jolie’s Breast cancer vs. real event

The great star Angelina Jolie which is famous for a lot of things, and he have unlimited fans around the world. In huge of country, their local media has been published that Jolie has been attacked by breast cancer disease. But it is not real. On 14 May 2013, The New York Times was published an article of Angelina Jolie heading as “My Medical Choice” in the Opinion Pages. Where she clearly reveals that her doctors estimated that he has at least 87% chance of breast cancer and at least 50% chance of ovarian cancer.

In the risky point, she has decided to have a preventive double mastectomy to remove both her breast. We acknowledge our reader that last February in this year, Jolie had major surgery to remove her breast. It is her own decision, where we have no suggestion, we can only pray to god to save her life from everything.

The chance of breast cancer and ovarian cancer estimated from study of her family or genetic biography & genetic test. According to analyzing her family background or genetic biography, her mother and her mother’s younger sister was died from cancer. On the other hand, BRCA1 & BRCA2 genes are caused of developing cancer in breast and ovary. Jolie’s doctor had found that there are so many chances.

At final we pay to god to save Jolie’s life from everything, not only Jolie, we pray for all mothers and sisters which are passing their life with cancer. Not only end with pray, we must help them financially and psychologically.


My Medical Choice

How to Control another PC Remotely

Want to control another PC from your own pc? If yeas, this is possible and there are simple ways. To day I want to only discuss the topic briefly that may help you to make a remote connection. Before discussing the technical part, I want to ensure here, once if you have remote connection you may manage everything works like install run a program from your own PC, transfer file, share network etc. even you can scan virus from your PC.

What is need to connect remotely

Before control another PC remotely, do you know what is you need? You must have intra or internet connection with another PC which you have allow remote desktop connection. Intra connection includes cable connection, wifi/Bluetooth connection or more.


1. If you have windows 8, click on the “Search” option and type “mstsc” then you will see mstsc.exe. Click on the program to run. For others windows, go to your computer start menu >> All Programs> Accessories>> Remote Desktop.
2. Press the computer (which you have allow remote desktop connection) IP address or hostname and click the Connect button.
3. If you need advance setting click the Show Options and setting manually.
4. Enter the computer (which you have allow remote desktop connection) username and password then click OK to login remotely.

How to copy from Google Books Preview

A number of students, researchers are looking how to copy from Google books. As there is no option to copy text. So simple question how do I copy from Google Books preview. Hey I am a student and seeking how to copy in text since long time. At least I have found you can not copy in text format from Google Books preview, if you want to copy text from pictures you must have a robot or software which able to differ text from picture (jpeg, png format). But you can also download from Google Books (only preview pages) as pdf, png or jpeg format using by Google Books downloader software. I’ve read online few articles on how I copy text from Google Books preview. ehow suggested an idea with Plain Text option that is unavailable in present Google.

To copy from Google Books preview follows the following directions-
1. Download gbooks software, 643 kb. See the download link in Resource.
2. Install and run the program in your PC, laptop or net-book

3. Copy Google Books link location and past in the Google book URL field.
4. Select format and resolution, there are default format is pdf and resolution 800 pixels.
5. Click start button to start download.
6. After download view with required software such as if pdf then pdf reader, if picture the picture reader.