Big Lots Pay Stub Online

While Biglots member of staff, you possibly will view pay stub online. Biglots pronounced the pay stub online for nearly forty thousands corporate and store employee. In fact pay stub online is safe, secure, any time accessible from any where. Biglots pay stub online portal name is Online Wages Statement dot com. Where authorized employee possibly will view their up to date and earlier period earnings statement, set of connections direct deposit with account and others. Although prior to right to use this website first time, you must contact your Human Resource manager to get user ID (password is your own social security number). If already you have, just visit our resource section link and login with User ID and password. Others comprehensive benefits of Biglots employees who working part time or full time-

Health care benefits including medical, dental, vision etc and life insurance. 401 (k) saving plant investment opportunity. Paid vacation, holiday paid, sick days paid, disability protection etc. At last, thank guys, we wish your better life with Biglots jobs.

Pay Stub Online

Paperless Employee for Buckle

Setup and Login Paperless Account Online those Buckle Employee and Employers Admin

Paperless payment is not novel notion although few employee of Buckle appearance difficulty to association their paperless payment or W2 account online. In point of fact paperless payment method is off the record issue so people don’t wish for to share with others. Paperless employee online is make safe, and web based tool that authorized employees to access their salary statement online from any where and any time. Few paperless payment service providers similar to, etc are offers easy to use or user friendly tools. As well as, Buckle employees may setup their paperless account online. Just go behind the following way-

1. Contact your employer or HR admin dept to acknowledge where your paperless payment is host.
2. If you are authorized person just required site.
3. Create your account with personal information for example- create a user ID, password, security question, SSN etc.
4. After complete registration, they will verify your from and notify you to download via email the form if ok.
5. If faced any problem just contact your employers or HR department, to get help.
6. If you are a paperless employee of Buckle and don’t match the present topics information with your payment sytem, please comment to report, we value your comment.

Resource Paperless Pay

How to activate Watch ABC on Apple TV Activate ABC on Apple TV

Last Update: 06/04/2014,by GSS
View ABC application has removed from apple app store in last month, and replace with newer app Watch ABC. But users still facing difficulties to activate ABC with the application title name “Watch ABC”. Basically ABC is a popular American broadcasting TV network, On the other hand, Apple provide 1080p supported digital media player where you can watch ABC show. Not only ABC, it is support nearly 25 channel including Hulu Plus, Netflix, Disney etc. However, if you want to activate your device with Watch ABC, just follow the following direction. Note; only At&T, Charter, COX, Google Fiber, Midcontinent communication, Optimum, Verizon and Comcast TV network’s users may activate.

1. Tapped on the “Watch ABC” icon on your Apple TV. In the Next page, it will show abc features, you need select a program, then it will be prompted to activate. Select your TV provider name from list. in the next steps, it will show your activation code. collect the activation code. If you can’t see this activation code, contact your network provider, they will solve this issue.
2. The next steps should be complete with mobile, computer or internet browsing device and go to the
3. Select your provider name from drop down list.
4. Enter your activation code then it will re-directly your TV network provider website to verify your account. Enjoy ABC live show-
5. After activate, if it doesn’t work, just sign out under setting menu in the Watch ABC. Then it will be ask to re-activate online. And complete re-activation process.
6. If facing still this problem, just call 800-230-0229 (Mon-Fri 8am-9pm, Sat 8am-2pm) to get support.


Activate ABC

iPhone 6 Release Date & Feature

Once it was rumor about iPhone 6. But it is true that Apple is goring to launch iPhone 6 as their next smartphone. According to Tim Cook (CEO of Apple), his company is going to launch iPhone 6 in the second half of this year (may be in September 2014). Another rumor was Sapphire glass for iPhone 5c, but this is going to be true, according to Tim Cook, it will be in next model of iPhone (iPhone 6).

Home button: fully functioning prototype (Giant Retina, IGZO, Touch ID finger print)
Home screen: 1080p HD regulation
Screen sizes: 5-inch or larger
Glass: Sapphire glass
Casing: Colorful casing for multiple personality’s people
Operating system: iOS7.1 or iOS8
Processor: Quad core A8
Data storage: Nearly 128 GB
Battery backup: More than 6 hours with wireless charging
Wireless, Bluetooth, 13 mp iSight camera & others facility


iPhone 6

Federal Conference- Five Star Event Planning for US Government & Corporate Client Professional Conference Service at an affordable Price

Federal Conference is a national conferencing Inc, which providing quality or five star planning and professional conference services including hotel site selection, online registration, GD and printing, event marketing, team building, video production, transportation, agenda development, security and others all types of aspect for the United States government, military & corporate customers. Not only limited their service in five star planning, they also provide motivational speakers. Any firm/corporate organization may purchase their featured speaker online. There are different levels of speakers for different price. According to its official website, they plans and perform thousands of government events yearly.

Company Profile
Types: Government Service/Events Services
Headquarters: 3912 Lansing Court Dumfries, Virginia 22026
Fax: 866-204-1828
Email: info@


Federal Conference

How to unlock iPhone 5c & 5s

Network locked iPhone (5, 5s, 5c) are so much in cheep price, even under $200 only. But its network unlocked price is over $700. So peoples are seeking how to easily unlock to use their local SIM card. But iPhone has powerful security system, which is impossible to easily break, it is also known as jail break. On the other hand, they also seeking it are possible to purchase its unlocked code for &4-&5. Few days ago, my friend asks me that he want to buy an unlocked code for $4 or $5. But I ask him why? He tells me, he has an iPhone 5s, and he wants to send it out side of US.

Trick to Unlock
1. Purchase contact free iPhone, then you will use any local SIM card or network.
2. If you have an already purchased iPhone, contact your carrier. They will provide unlocked code for your phone. It may take up to seven days.
3. Or contact with third party, which professionally unlock iPhone or others phone, but I think there are risk of jail break.


iPhone 5s/5c

How to Remove Adblock on Mozila Firefox & Google Chrome

Adblocker is a common extension or add-on for Mozila Fire Fox and Google Chrome. Even, over 20 million users of Google Chrome are using the Adblocker extension and over 16 million users of Fire Fox are using this extension. Basically the extension use to block all types of advertisements when you visit any website. For example, if you use youtubeAdblocker then it the extension will be blocking all types of advertisement when you visit Some times it is boring for someone. So if you need to uninstall, disable or remove just follow the following direction.

Mozila Firefox;

1. Firstly open the mozila firefox, and go to Add-ons under Tools menu, then click Extensions.
2. You will see all installed extension, and find Adblocker.
3. If enable, click the Disable button to disable (not working) Remove to properly uninstall. It will be taken few times to completely uninstall and restart the browser.
4. Someone facing problem to uninstall or continue blocking ads, or doesn’t working browser after uninstall then uninstall your browser and install again or update your browser, I think your problem will be solved.

Google Chrome
1. For Google chrome, click the Setting option under control and customize menu.
2. Click Extensions and find Adblocker. To uninstall just click the delete picture.. it will be remove properly.
3. For install, click the Get more extensions link, and type Adblocker in the search box to search. And click the “Add to Google Chrome” to install+ enable.



How to Remove Lock Screen of Android Phone

Lock screen is disgusting for someone; each time needed turn on the lock screen to call or something to do. Even if you count the unlocking time of your phone, the result will show over 100 minute every month. So if you feel boring to lock screen, may be the following article will help you. Just try to use the following free application.

Name of the Application: LockScreen Free
Price: Free
Install: Available at Google Play
Facilities: Just one touch to unlocking screen, open any application, call, view contact list, recent call list, flash light.

Resource: LockScreen Free

iPhone 6

The new iPhone 6 from Apple is going to market in next June 2014. The series of smart phone from Apple is a popular phone series in USA, not only USA, also in global market. According to a rumor, Apple has been testing operating systems (iOS7) successfully for iPhone 6. And it will be release with 3 extra features as next model of iPhone. According to Chinese language commercial Times, the following features will be added.

New feature of iPhone 6 (may be added)
1. Operating systems- iOS 7
2. Display- 4.8 inch
3. Camera- 12 mega pixel

But another source says that next model of iPhone is iPhone 5S with iOS7. KGI security researcher Ming Chi Koyo said, Apple may be announce official debut of iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 in last of year.

How to connect your Samsung Galaxy Y to PC for Internet

Setting internet connection on PC through Samsung Galaxy Y is easy. Huge of people try to connect their Samsung Galaxy Y to PC with Samsung Kies that is not used to tether the phone. Hey guys, you can’t use Kies application (Samsung PC suite) to use internet for your Samsung Galaxy Y. But there are easy ways to connect to PC that you use Wi-Fi, data cable or Bluetooth etc. The following instruction may help you to connect properly-
1. Firstly, go to the “Setting” menu on your phone.
2. Click the “Wireless and networks”.
3. In the next steps, if you want setup with WiFi connection then click the Wi-Fi setting/ Bluetooth setting for setup Bluetooth connection. But if you want to connect your Samsung Galaxy Y to PC though USB as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, then click the “Tethering and portable hots”.
4. Next steps, click the check box of Protable Wi Fi hotspot.
5. Configure portable Wi-Fi hotspot with Network SSID, security and password then save.
Now enjoy internet connection. If you can’t access internet connection still, I think you have no internet service form your network provider or check the box “Use Packet Data” under Mobile Network Settings” is inactivated.