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Windows 10 Operating System from Microsoft

What happened to Windows 10 operating system from Microsoft? According to a rumour, Microsoft will release windows 9&10 in a pack name as windows 10 in August 2013. But a few months ago, Windows has been released its latest feature, windows 8, in two versions, i.e., windows eight and eight pros. If Windows 8 is the same as Windows 7, yet all applications don’t support the Windows 8 operating system. Even the latest version of Windows 8 is already in development. So how do we think about Windows 10? It is entirely confidential to Microsoft developers, and they don’t share any concept. A fan of the Microsoft operating system shares his idea about window 10 using the windows eight logo that is not real. But this is her concept, fantasy. I have shared her video below. We still are waiting for the windows 1tenpromo/preview or concept.

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