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Wahl Clipper Company Reviews

Wahl clipper is an American manufactures grooming products company. Basically, Wahl is a world wide popular brand of men’s and animal trimmers. According to the marketing manager of Wahl Clipper Company, any one can be shaving, cutting or trimming his own hair to using the Wahl clipper. Not only for men’s, there are animal trimmers to trimming animal. Mainly there are four categories products such as professional products, home products, animal products and international products.

Lithium ion trimmer:
Recently Wahl is introducing the rechargeable lithium ion trimmer to using in the home or salon only for $49.99. If you purchase the lithium ion trimmer then you can cut your own hair easily. Actually it’s help to saving money and time.
Accessories of the Lithium ion trimmer:
• Storage stand
• Cleaning Brush
• Blade oil and
• Blade

U-Clip for pet:
Recently Wahl is introducing various item U clips for pet such as professional pet nail grinder, deluxe U Clip, plastic combs etc. To find out the latest Wahl product visit the Wahl pet products official website. Wahl pet product division website address is

Can you buy the Wahl clipper products online?
Yes, you can buy Wahl products both online and in a store. To purchase in online visit the Wahl official website and purchase the Wahl items. The Wahl official web address is You may use your credit car, master or visa card to purchase.

Career at Wahl Clipper;

If you would like working at Wahl clipper manufacturing company then you can visit the Wahl career opportunity page to finding job. Now the Wahl are looking following positioned candidate such as occupational health administrator, marketing manager, electric engineer, project manager, manufacturing engineer etc. So if you want to submit your resume online, firstly write your resume in Microsoft word and send to the email address; .

If you want to send via us mail, there career division mailing address are-

Staffing & Training cord
Wahl Clipper Corporation
PO Box 578, Sterling, IL 61081