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How to check or View City of Vancouver Staff Pay slip Online

The local name of the city of Vancouver is Kentucky, which is located in Washington State. There are lots of staff to manage the city. If you are city staff, you can view your payslip online, set up an email account, etc. On the other hand, its tele-staff (police and fire) can log in online to schedule others. So follow the following directions step by step.

1. Visit the City of Vancouver my-employee login website. See the link in Resource. It is an Oracle application home page that is secure, and you need a login to access the application.
2. Press your username and password in the required login box and click the Login button.
3. Click the “COV Self Service Home” link on the Main Menu’s left side and below the Personalize button.
4. There are three sub-options. Click the first Pay-slip link, and see your pay-slip.
5. If you want to view W2 from clicking the “View W2” link.
6. Need help or additional information? You may call 1-360-487-7649. The contact person’s name is Debi Schrader White.


City of Vancouver my-employee login