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Valero Energy Corporation

Valero Energy

Valero Energy is the largest oil and gas refiner company in North America. According to Fortune 500, it is the fourth-largest petroleum refining industry, and its overall rank is 12th. We find out the following statements about Valero Energy.

Wiki of Valero Energy Corporation

Present CEO; William R. Klesse
Industry type; Petroleum refiner & supplier
Head Quarters; 1 Valero Way, San Antonio, TX 78249
Revenues; $125,095.0 millions and revenues profits; 1.7%
Stockholders’ Equity; $16,423.0 millions and stockholder equity profits 12.7%
Net income; $2090.0 millions
Fortune Rank; 12 (2012)

Online service of Valero Energy
Valero provides an online portal and online service for different types of clienteles such as credit card consumer, distributor (branded and unbranded), dealers, transportation and supplier conversion employees, etc.

Valero Customer Portal
Valero offers a customer portal for its cardholders. Actually there are consumer credit cards with a sensible credit limit, flexible due payment, and pay at the pump expediency. If you have a Valero credit card, you will enjoy these facilities. Not only here cardholder to handle their account online. To handle online your credit card, visit On the other hand, if you don’t have a Valero credit card, you will sign up on the website or call at 1-800-495-3998 to open. If you want to pay your credit card bill by phone, then call at 1-800-33-3560.
The Valero credit card is powered by DSRM national bank to use your credit cards at Valero, Beacon, and other stores to accept the DSRM card.

Valero Conversion Portal
There is a wholesale marketing conversion portal for its subsidiaries, companies or institution, affiliates, distributors, dealers, and employees. So if you are a Valero energy corporation’s involved person, you will access the Valero conversion portal. The portal is sternly confidential. If you need any help, you may contact with conversion portal developmental teams at or call at 1-877-825-7225.


Valero Energy