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Best Painless Ways to Pay down A Mortgage

According to a survey, Bi-Weekly payment is the best painless way to pay down a mortgage. Now, most institutions offer Bi-weekly payments in the USA. I would strongly recommend all the bi-weekly payments because of what happened effectively when you choose bi-weekly payments. You are making in thirteen-month without payments over your period rather than twelve months. So that extra principle amount will go of your principle and effectively will dues amortization of your mortgage.

You are generally making the monthly payment on a mortgage, so it switched to bi-weekly payment. The extra money your price goes to principle, not the interest. Few institutions allow you to make merely one period where it doesn’t exist for thirteen percentage. For example, when you have a two hundred thousand dollar mortgage and a ten percent prepayment privilege, you can make a mountable prepayment, join a calendar year, and only seek don’t exit ten percent or equals an example equal twenty thousand. Join the term of mortgage any time in the joint of the period of your mortgagee. And the Bank allows you thirteen percent per year of each term of your mortgage. That means it is not limited. You will possibly turn back the term of the mortgage at any time.

Benefits of prepayment
Suppose you make a prepayment, every due to your principle and virtually every dues interest of your mortgage. So here is a common question that, Does your payment go down? No, be actual payment is don’t changes. What happened to your amortization, and the life of your mortgage even gets you dues.

Wells Fargo Student Loans Review and Preview

An American popular financial services provider’s name is Wells Fargo. There are several financial services, such as banking, online banking, mortgage, student loan, broker house, etc. In the article, I want to discuss Wells Fargo student loans. A Wells Fargo loan executive says that there are various student loans, and all student loans will cover my college cost. I can’t believe I’m from abroad, but she offered it to me. Not only limited here, but she also says to me that I don’t need to fill out the FAFSA private loan. You can believe it? Basically, I’m a graduate student in college from abroad. And she (Wells Fargo loans executive) living in a house nearest my hostel.

She says to me details about the Wells Fargo student loans. She says that there are 4 types of student loans, such as Wells Fargo Collegiate Loan to an undergraduate student, Wells Fargo Graduate Loan to graduate, health, MBA, etc. Wells Fargo Connection Loan (if I want to combine my student loan), and Wells Fargo Student Loan for parents (only applicable for parents).

Advantage of Wells Fargo student loan:

According to the Wells Fargo loan executive, the wells Fargo student loan program will be covering the college cost and all supplies needed for education such as books, hostel fees, computers, internet, etc. bills. Not only fund college costs, but applicants have also taken the following advantage.
1. Wells Fargo offered low-interest rates student loans.
2. Online applicable and online manageable.
3. If needed, the student should be refinancing the loan.
4. Don’t need to fill out the FAFSA private loan.
5. Repayment will be applicable after six months of graduation.

Where you apply to Wells Fargo student loan:

If you would like to apply for the Wells Fargo student loan, you must contact a wells Fargo loan executive or visit the wells Fargo online banking website. The website address is You will need the following essential document to open a loan account.

1. Collage admission documents.
2. Collage cost documents.
3. Social security number.
4. Driving license (if applicable).

Sallie Mae Student Loan Review

One of the most famous American private loan lenders’ names is Sallie Mae. Sallie Mae is a financial company in the USA. There is a range of financial services sectors such as the banking sector, loan and mortgage sector, investment program, insurance, etc. Sallie Mae’s student loan program is given financial support to the American middle-class student to acquiring graduation. As a result, the student loan program has got popular day by day in America. Not only got the student loan advantage of American students, but the Sallie Mae student loan program also covers students abroad.

There are mainly two types of student loans, such as graduate student loans and undergraduate student loans. Others loan program details are below-

Smart Option Student Loan:

A popular Sallie Mae student loan name is a smart option student loan. It is a fixed and low-interest rate loan. If you borrow the loan, then you will save up to 30%. The smart option for student loan borrowers can be managing their account online. Their other graduate student loan programs are residency and relocation loans, bar study loans, medical loans, dental loans, etc.
Undergraduate loans program includes smart option student loan for undergraduate students, career training smart option student loans, etc.


Sallie Mae’s student loan programs have various features in the student life (who have no financial support from her family, but she/he want to acquire a graduate degree).
1. Sallie Mae student loans are work as a college fund.
2. Students should be refinancing the loan if needed.
3. Online applicable.
4. Loan holders may manage their accounts online.
5. Compatible with FAFSA.
6. Repayments of the loan will be pending a minimum of 6 months after graduation.
7. Basically, the program repayment options are flexible, and it is dependable on the borrower’s monthly income after graduation.

Essential information to apply:

To apply for the Sallie Mae student loans, you must need the following papers or information.
1. Collage admission documents.
2. Collage cost papers.
3. Social security number.
4. Driving license (if applicable).

How to apply:

If you want to borrow the Sallie Mae student loan, you can apply both online and at a Sallie Mae center. For online use, go to the website and determine the student loan from the student loans column. After finding out, click on the APPLY NOW button and enter the required information. To apply physically, visit your nearest Sallie Mae loan center or call at 877-279-7172 or talk to your nearest Sallie Mae agency.

How to apply for Citibank Student Loan

If you are a graduate degree student in the USA, you may take less than .60% interest rates student loan. If you would like to graduate-level study in a college in America, you must pay off $10,000 each year. Suppose you admit a 4-year degree, then minimum pay-off $10000X4=40,000. So it is difficult to pay this significant amount. For the cause, many students choose the student loan option as a fund for college fees.
Citibank USA offered low-interest rates student loans to the financial support of the US and abroad students. So if you are eligible to apply by the Citibank student loan program policy, you may involve both online and physically in this loan. The student loan program policies of Citibank are similar to the federal student loan program policy.

Citibank loans program:

There are different types of student loans, such as CitiAssist Graduate loan for graduate students who need extra money for graduate law programs. CitiAssist law loan and CitiAssist bar exam loan for law students need extra money for graduate law programs. If you feel the Citibank student loan programs are typically flexible for you, you may apply for the loan in the following ways.

You must need the following papers or information to apply:
1. Social security number (SSN).
2. Collage admission documents
3. Collage coast documents
4. Driving license (if applicable).

Online Apply:

There is a student loan management website where the applicant can be online applied easily from home. Citibank student loans program website name is, and the site slogan is “Pay for college.” So if you would like to pay for the college program, you can easily apply online. To apply online, visit the website and find out the student loan from the list. After finding out about your favorite loan, click the apply now button and put the essential information. Once if you have used it, you may check your application status at any time from anywhere. To prevent your application status, click on the “check application status” link on the page’s left side page.

Apply in a Citibank center:

To apply physically, please visit your nearest Citibank retail office or Citibank center and contact a customer service manager or call at 1-800-7883368. We believe the article will help you if you want a student loan from Citibank.