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How to activate Siri on iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 or iPod

Siri is a mobile or iPhone application that can perform as an intelligent personal assistant. It’s a building application, available on iPhone 4s or 5, 3G iPad, and 5G iPod. Basically, Siri work to like your commend, or Siri helps you get the thing done by asking. For example, if you want to send an SMS for your near and dear birthday purpose, you need to write a message commend by voice. It will ask you what time you would like to send the SMS automatically. Not only limited here, there are lots of benefits, but you need to set up and activate the Siri application before use. The Siri application is available in the App Store. Follows the following steps to set up and activate Siri.

1. Go to the “Setting” menu of your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.
2. Select and click the “General” tab.
3. In the General tab, some options such as Siri, Language, Voice feedback, etc., click the “ON” option.
4. Short cut; Setting>>General>>Siri>>ON.
5. Click the Language button and choose your own or local language. Short cut; Setting>>General>>Language.
6. Click the Voice Feedback tab and setup voice feedback. Short cut; Setting>>General>>Voice Feedback.
7. Click the My Info tab to add your personal information, for example, set up your contact information, etc. Short cut; Setting>>General>>My Info.
8. Click the Raise to Speak ON button to turn on the Raise to speak. Short cut; Setting>>General>>Raise to Speak.
9. Finally, Hold down the “Home” button of your iPhone, iPod, or iPad and wait for the microphone icon, and it will ask you to set up your voice.