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iPhone 6 Release Date & Feature

Once, it was a rumor about iPhone 6. But Apple is indeed going to launch the iPhone 6 as their next smartphone. According to Tim Cook (CEO of Apple), his company will launch iPhone 6 in the second half of this year (maybe in September 2014). Another rumor was Sapphire glass for iPhone 5c, but this will be true; according to Tim Cook, it will be in then of one (iPhone 6).

Home button: fully functioning prototype (Giant Retina, IGZO, Touch ID fingerprint)
Home screen: 1080p HD regulation
Screen sizes: 5-inch or larger
Glass: Sapphire glass
Casing: Colorful casing for multiple personality’s people
Operating system: iOS7.1 or iOS8
Processor: Quad-core A8
Data storage: Nearly 128 GB
Battery backup: More than 6 hours with wireless charging
Wireless, Bluetooth, 13 mp iSight camera & others facility


iPhone 6

How to track lost phone using IMEI number

Is possible to track lost or stolen phone using IMEI no? Of course, you will find your lost phone using with IMEI number. But there are difficulties, and it is depended on your network provider. Someone use anti-theft protection application in their iPhone or mobile, but it is extra facilities. Someone never uses an anti-theft protection application on their phone or doesn’t support these applications on their phone, then how do we find our lost phone? In this situation, we truck the stolen or lost phone using the IMEI number. IMEI number is individual for each telephone or mobile. If you don’t know your Phone or mobile’s IMEI number, it is located on the phone package or the phone sticker under the phone battery. To track with the IMEI number, you can follow my following suggestion.

1. Firstly, identify that your phone is lost or stolen. As your friend or the nearest person can hide your phone.
2. File a report to the Police that the mobile is stolen.
3. Report to your network service provider that your phone is stolen and show police report documents if needed.
4. After filing a report, the police will be found your phone by tracking with the IMEI number. The searching option is confidential. But if your phone is registered with a Google account, you can look up you in Google. Or other places like, etc., where you will register with your personal information for the public.
5. But the easy way is if you have a Smartphone, use a Plan B application. It is available in the apps store.

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy Y

Samsung Galaxy Y or other android phones can be unlocked for the wrong unlocking pattern. This is a common problem- for example, your child can be entered the wrong pattern more than 20 times then your Samsung Galaxy’s operating systems can lock your phone for Too many pattern attempts. In the situation, it will ask you to unlock your phone with a Google account. Sometimes, the user has been forgetting their Google account user name and password, and they feel the tension as there is required user name or password options. Not only here, someone has no internet connection in their phone or not configured/installed internet setting or pocket data service is inactivated in the point, how to unlock their phone.

But this is not a significant problem; there are beautiful ways that you will be used to unlock Samsung Galaxy Y. I will discuss here some ways to unlock your phone.

Use screen lock bypass application:
You can download the screen lock bypass application from Google play store and install to your PC and connect your phone with a data cable to the PC and reset your phone.

Reset your phone:
You can try with factor reset. To factory reset, hold down the down volume button and tap the power button. You will see the “Android System Recovery” option on the boot screen and select the Wipe data/factory reset option. To select an option, use the volume up-down button. And like the yes option, click the power button to confirm the reboot. Wait a few seconds or minutes and restart to phone. I think it will be work to unlock your phone.