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Paypal isn’t ready to starting business in Bangladesh at September 2012

Hey, I’m Subrata Kumar from Bangladesh and an author (part-time article writer) of ABC-STORES.NET. To get my payment from ABC-STORES, I needed a Paypal account. I’m trying to open a PayPal account since first September 2012. But I can’t open a papal account. As a result, I asked online Mr. Celia (Paypal international customer service relationship manager) on September 02, 2012,

“I’m from Bangladesh. I have a question about the PayPal system in Bangladesh. In January 2012, Intel’s vice president visited Bangladesh, and he has assured us to starting PayPal systems in Bangladesh in September 2012. But it’s still September 2012, and we can’t sign up Paypal account from Bangladesh. Please ensure us when it will start in Bangladesh. We are over 1 million Bangladeshi peoples working with lots of money-making websites, and we want to open a Paypal account immediately.”

He was replied to me after two days on 04 September 2012,
“Dear Subrata Kumar,
Thank you for contacting PayPal. We apologize for the delay in responding to your email regarding how to use our system in your country.
We want nothing more than to have you as a PayPal customer. Unfortunately, we don’t currently offer services in Bangladesh yet. We currently support services in 190 countries and regions worldwide, and though we can’t provide an exact date for coming to your area, we can promise you we’re working hard to get there.
For more information, go to and click the “Worldwide” link at the bottom of the page.
Please, note that we need to ensure that we are compliant with both local and international laws before we can offer our full service in a new country.”