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OpenCart Free Six Theme by Yoocart

If you are looking OpenCart free theme, then the article will help you. YooCart offers free six pieces for OpenCart users. YooCart free themes are appropriate for the OpenCart 1.4.9.X version. OpenCart 1.5.4 version is available, so if you have Opencart 1.5.4 version, the free articles will support properly as you don’t need to download the themes. On the other hand, if you have an OpenCart 1.4.9.X understanding, you may download the following theme and install it on your server. The YooCart created themes that are easy to use, SEO friendly, and more.

First, install the theme, download the Zip archive file, and extract it; after extract, upload the file under catalogue and image folder in-home/public_html.
If appropriately uploaded, log in to your website admin area and edit the setting under System. Finally, select the ct template from the dropdown menu in the der Store tab.

Click the Resource suggested link to download and view as demo.

OpenCart default theme;

YooCart 001 for OpenCart;

YooCart 002 for OpenCart;

YouCart 003 for OpenCart;

YouCart 004 for OpenCart;

YooCart 005 for OpenCart;

YooCart 006 for OpenCart



How to add Facebook Like page in OpenCart

Open cart is the free e-commerce script so that you may install and use it for free. But there is a default theme where are no facebook options. If you want to add Facebook like or share options, you need to create Facebook-like or share modules. If you are a web developer,r you may do a module using their developer instruction. Otherwise, you need to free download or purchase modules from the OpenCart market.

Once if you have downloaded the Facebook module follow the following directions.

1. Firstly, unzip or extract the downloaded archive.
2. Upload the file/folder in root directory; for example, upload the facebook.php file public html> admin> controller> Module.
3. Once complete upload all files correctly, you need to log in to your open cart website as an administrator. If logged in, then log out and log in again.
4. Go to the Module option under Extensions and install the Facebook module.
5. After installation, click the Edit button; there are iFrame codes required. To get the iFrame code visit its Facebook developer link and create Facebook custom-like button entering your Facebook page URL Example”,”
6. Push Get code a put up windows will appear and select from the top “IFRAME” and copy the code.
7. Paste the code in the required box, set up a place to show the like button, and save it. And see its work correctly.

Bigshop- A great Multi Purpose Responsive theme for Opencart

Bishop is another multi-purpose responsive theme for OpenCart script. Basically Open cart is the free e-commerce script that available in softaculous. Not only in softaculous, advance users will install OpenCart script manually. If you install the OpenCart script first time, there isis a free default theme that is not responsive to SEO and another purpose.

In the point, Bishop is a fully responsive theme, colorful and changeable, SEO optimized, and user friendly. Interested users can purchase the theme from ThemeForest’s official website. Absolutely it’s not free. There are &40 values. To purchase the theme visit, our reference suggested link.


Download Bigshop

Sellya- Premium Themes for OpenCart

Sella is a responsive theme for OpenCart. Open cart is one of the free e-commerce available in softaculous. Not only in softaculous but advanced users will also install the OpenCart script manually. If you install the OpenCart script first time, there is a free default theme that is not a responsive theme for SEO. If you use the default theme, you need to create robots txt manually. Now I’m presenting the Selly theme that responsive to SEO. ThemeForest creates the Sella theme. If you are interested in them,e you may purchase the theme only for $35 from

The theme includes 300+ custom admin options, over 500 Google fonts, flexible slideshows, and more.

Include modules; account, affiliate, banner, bestsellers, carousal, category, feature, Google talk, slideshow, Facebook, specials, stores & welcome, etc., even everything is created by using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 feature.

Its search box is located middle of the header. Facebook like button/option in the left outside of the layout. There is a payment image on the bottom side of the screened (pay with Paypal, Visa, Master, and more), a social media box, etc. You can change the themes powered by option with manually editing in the server.

Others picture of Sallya;


Download Sallya theme