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How to Flash of your Nokia Phone

If you faced your Nokia phone software, you might flash your Nokia phone to get solutions. Nokia is providing a year’s warranty service to its phone users. On the other hand, if you face a software problem after warranty periods, you must pay a significant amount to flash software in the Nokia service point. But if you have an internet connection PC and data cable for your Nokia phone, then you can quickly flash your phone from home. The following directions are required for the flashing of your phone.

How to Flash:

To flash your Nokia phone, you must need the Phoenix software. If you don’t have the phoenix (99.5 MB) software, you may free download the software from the Nokia website. After downloading, firstly install it on your computer.
To searching and downloading your phone software, you will need other installed software on your PC. Its name Nokia Data Package ManagerLite. The software is available on the Nokia website. After installing the data package software, follow the following instructions.

1. Search your phone software. (To searching the phone software, use the product software RM code of your phone. To get the RM codes, press *#0000# of your phone. E.g., RM-495 for Nokia 5130 c-2).
2. Download the software (You will see various software versions of your phone). If your downloaded file is zip, then first unzip or extract it.
3. After downloading the software, copy the software and select the phoenix desktop icon>> click on your mouse’s right button>> select the open file location.
4. In the opening file, you will see a folder at the top of the file. And paste the copied software in the Products folder.
5. Run the Phoenix software and connect the phone with the PC via data cable.
6. Then, the phone automatically has taken connection to phoenix.
7. After connecting, click on the “Firmware Update” in Phoenix software’s Flashing menu.
8. If the phone has died, click on the dead phone box in the new window.
9. Finally, click on the flash button on the bottom side of the window.
10. It will be taken several minutes to complete the flash. And enjoy the new phone.


1. Don’t try to flash your phone software before expired the phone warranty period as it’s free in the Nokia service points. (If you try to flash, then the phone warranty service will be banned to Nokia).
2. Fully recharge your phone battery. Otherwise, your phone can be dead in the time of flash (if your phone battery can’t supply formal charges).
3. Don’t disconnect the phone from the PC in the flashing time.