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How to Cancel Netflix Account or Membership

Netflix is an internet television network in over 40 countries worldwide, with 36 million people. In the current topics, I will discuss the membership cancellation process. So anyone questions me that why you cancel the Netflix account? Hey guys, this is your purpose. I will only discuss its procedure, and I or my article never liable for the decision. However, I acknowledge that anyone (who has Netflix membership) can cancel their account any time and again resume or recover their account.

To cancel Netflix account follows the following directions
1. Visit the Netflix website and login to your account.
2. Select on the “Cancel Streaming Plan” link under the “Your Streaming Plan” tab.
3. After select click the “Cancel Streaming Plan” button.
4. If you have a DVD account, select the “Cancel DVD Plan” under “Your DVD Plan” and then click on the “Cancel DVD Plan.”
5. If you want to stop the DVD plan immediately, select the “Stop shipping DVDs to me as of today” box and click the Cancel DVD plan.

You can everything stop by calling your nearest Netflix centre or call at 1-866-716-0414 for support.