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Meal Pay Plus to Prepay Student Lunch Bill

Meal Pay Plus is an online bill pay portal which manages lunch and breakfast bill online for student. In the payment portal, a student’s parents can prepay for school meals. Their services are available in the whole USA, tremendous of school’s cafeteria or food department administrators suggest/support Meal Pay Plus. The online service not only manages breakfast and lunch meals, but it also manages a la cart. On the other hand, there are convenient payment options; you may use your credit, debit card to pay your bill. Recently the online portal offers school registration, exam, yearbooks, and other fees pay online. But all services are not available in all schools.

Many schools only support Meal Pay Plus, where parents need to create a student account with the Meal Pay Plus website for lunch, breakfast, or a la cart purpose. If you have already begun a student account, you may add funds, set auto-pay, then you will receive a notification when the account balance is low, and monitor your child’s last one-month purchase history and others. Other, wise you need to create an account; account creation processes are below-

1. Visit the Meal Pay Plus or My Payment plus website. is a parked domain of See the link in Resource.
2. Click the left side “Register a Free Account” button once you have created an account, and enter your username and password in the secure box log into your account.
3. In the next steps, choose your school and put student information such as student id, last-name, etc.
4. Put your personal information such as your name, billing address, phone number, etc.
5. In the next steps, choose your username and password; if all over, the system will send a confirmation link via mail, confirm it, and complete the registration process log into your account.
6. If you logged in, you may view students’ purchase history, add a fund or set up auto-pay, add or remember students, and use its convenience tools. If you need any technical or payment-related information, call at (877) 237-0946.


Meal Pay Plus