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How to write Legal Notice as Lawyer

Model of Legal Notice

April 27, 2010




Lowyer name…
+ others related information

For and on behalf of:

Father name…
Present address…
Permanent address…

Dear Sir,

Under the instruction of our above-mentioned client, (name) employee of the (company name where he or she work) we hereby give you this notice which is as under:

1. That our client is a very simple and peace-loving citizen of (country name). He has been working in the (company name) with the employer’s reputation and satisfaction since joining there in the–.

2. That our client joined in the — on 00.00.0000. Thereafter, since the joining of our client in the —, he has been serving in, — Department (Token No—, Transfer token No— if applicable).

3. That thereafter the — authority vide letter dated 00.00.0000 appointed our client as the ‘— in the — Department.

4. That thereafter to the utter shock and surprise, our client received the retrenchment letter from the end of the — Authority and thereby had been retrenched from his service.

5. That thereafter again our client had been appointed in the — day to day basis on 00.00.0000 in the post of —.

6. That thereafter the — authority on 00.00.0000 transfer our client from his original post of — to —.

7. That in the meantime the petitioner filed a writ petition before the (—court name) against the Retrenchment Order of the — Authority. And the (—court name) vide order dated 00.00.0000 issued Rule —.

8. That it is to be mentioned here that the said Writ Petition — if applicable

9. That you, the Notice Receiver being the —.

10. That the issuance of such order of transfer already caused many more awful circumstances to our client including without limitation personal humiliation and uncertainty of living for which you notice receiver is bound to indemnify and keep our client indemnified for all losses suffered by our client.

11. That in the facts and circumstances as stated above, you the notice receiver is requested to withdraw the transfer — court order.

A copy of this notice is kept in our office/chamber/law firm for future reference.

Thanking you,

Lawyer name+stamp+signature