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ABC Employment Agency in Bellmore New York

ABC Employment Agency- Employment Agency and Placing Quality Staff

ABC employment agency of Long Island provided staffing solution in favor of both employees and employer since 1949. For instance, Permanent, Temporary, Temp to Perm staffing in huge of field (medical, dental, management, office support, general labor) for different department (sales, safety, dermatology, quality control, ware house, logistics, collection, learning center, production, customer service, call center, etc). So, concerned member of staff possibly will online apply to an opening job any time in the subsequent link. On the other hand, Employer may possibly post a job online to appoint direct.

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Q. What is ABC employment agency’s phone number?
A. The agency’s phone number is 516- 785- 3244

Q. What is the real website of ABC employment agency?
A. There are one more website, and

Q. How can I meet physically ABC employment agency?
A. To meet physically just visit at ABC Employment Agency , 2132 Bellmore Avenue, Bellmore, NY 11710-5606 in any office day between 9am to 5pm.

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Data Entry Jobs in Bangladesh

Data Entry jobs in Bangladesh is nothing new. Bangladesh is a developing country where everything is in cheep price than other country as results, huge of foreign investors investing their money in Bangladesh. Even in the Bangladesh, labours are available in lower price. There are lots of multination, group of, government and private company where needed data management and data entry operator.

Data Entry Jobs salary range;

In private company, the data entry jobs salary range is 6000 to 10000 Bangladeshi taka.
In Government institutions its salary range is 4200 to 8000 Bangladeshi taka.
In the Multinational Company its salary range is 8000 to 14000 Bangladeshi taka.

So if we analyze its salary range, we say this is not good in Bangladesh. Not only here, there are requirement that over 30-45 word typing speed per minutes that is impossible for huge of people. On the other hand if you want to professional data entry operator then some data entry services are company available in Bangladesh (Baridhara, Baridhara DOHS, Mohakhali, Nabisco, Tejkunipara, Mirpur etc) where you working as a part time or full time worker. This is regional data entry jobs in Bangladesh, but what happened online data entry service in Bangladesh?

In research found that, inter country’s online data entry jobs are unavailable but huge of people working as Freelancer and earn some money with freelancing jobs that is difficulties for large number of people.

Yesterday, I have seen an advertisement (classified ads) in where its publisher offered home base online data entry service for moms, student or full time and part time workers. There is pay out chart (Full page (over 300 word)= 10 taka. Half page or lower than 300 word= 6 taka, CV = 4 taka, Project or Research= 1000 taka/complete). I don’t know about its service, so I have no liability about their service and this article only carry general information.


Data Entry Jobs from Home

Kohls Jobs Online Application, Duties time, Salary & Others

Kohl’s is one of the popular and wonderful departmental stores chain in the USA and there are Clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewelry, beauty products, electronics, and house wares products. The kohl’s products are available in kohl’s departmental stores, outlet store and online stores. According to its website, the retailer was founded in 1962. There are nearly one thousands and one hundred outlets and departmental stores in the 49 states of USA. If you want to shop at Kohl’s departmental or outlet store you may visit your nearest outlet stores. Read Continue

So if you interested to working at Kohl’s departmental stores or corporate office, you must submit a job application online. As the chain, doesn’t support papers application.

Current Salary of Kohl’s Stores;

Now Kohl’s stores pay’s $8.45 per hours for salesman. Increments are $1-2.5 after one year later. Difference scales salary for store supervisors, electricians etc.

Working Hours and Times;

The chain’s general working hours are eight hours. There are over times systems, the chain will be pay for double salary for over time hours. Huge of stores working hours are 09;00-17;00. But some stores are access shifting duties where working hours start from 08 AM.

To submit your job application online, firstly find out the jobs are available. If available submit with this website. Such as, if the Kohl’s jobs circular are available at You may submit your application via On the other hand, you may application directly at Kohl’s website. If the chain don’t hire employee currently you may submit advance application. As when your areas stores vacancies are available then they will be first hire you. So submit your application now.

Submit Your Application at Kohl’s

General Electric Review

General Electric Company;

General electric’s corporate offices address are-
3135 Easton Turnpike
Fairfield, CT 06828
Connecticut, U.S.
Contact Number: 1-203-373-2211, 1-800-417-0575.
Company’s official website:

According Fortune magazine 2011, General electric is an American 6th largest group of company. On the other hand, According to Forbes Global magazine, it is the world 3rd largest company. Basically, General electric is a popular & famous electric products producer who supplies their products worldwide. There are lots of electric products that covering various fields of human’s daily life. According to GE official website, it was created by Thomas Alva Edison in 1890. Now there are huge of research field to finding new generations’ appropriate essential goods. As results, the company produces new-new items products. I’m a user of General electric refrigerator and oven that’s give me a good services more than 7 years. Now it’s still running. But my apartment mate was brought a GE refrigerator in last year but she is facing now various problems.

General Electric Online Services Review;

General electronics online service for internet user was lunched several years ago. Now it’s open for every one. If you visit the GE website you will see and know about GE product and service feature, company’s history, latest news, investment information etc. The most important features are GE share holders can be sign up for electronic delivery and download reminder letter. All investment or share holders related information’s are available in the investor page of GE website.

Get a Job at General Electric;

General Electric is a multinational company who looking hard worker and qualified persons for various fields such as GE financial service, real estates, capital, research center, health care, energy & gas, transportation, corporate offices etc. Interested applicants may online submit an application in any time. To submit online, visit GE website and search your interested positioned job in careers tab of GE website. If available submit your prepared resume. To submit your application you must need complete the online registration process. I hope you don’t miss to working chance at GE.

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Pfizer Review

Pfizer Inc

Pfizer Corporate office address
235East, 42nd Street
Phone Number: 212-733-2323
Website: and others country based website.

Pfizer is a drug manufacture company in America that was established in 1849. Now it is a multinational company which serving various essential medicine worldwide. According to en US health care revenue records 2008, Pfizer is the world largest pharmaceutical company. In 2009 and 2010, it was 2nd position. On the other hand, there are lots of research fields and medicine products for humans and animals. For humans, there are physical and mental disease medicines. For example, Quinapril, caduet, amlodipine etc for hypertension, Depo medrol, soul medrol etc for asthma. The popular birth control pill Depo Provera is one of the Pfizer’s products. Not limited here, there are actives medicines for arthritis, Alzheimer, chemotherapeutic, nicotine agonists, cancer, bacterial and protozoal infection, diabetes, various neuropathic pain, and HIV etc disorders. But I don’t know the side effects of Pfizer medicine. There are huge of animals’ drug. To knowing about animals’ drugs you may visit your nearest Pfizer pharmacy or contact with an animal’s doctor.

Pfizer pharmaceuticals Job;

Pfizer is an American pharmaceutical chain and there are lots of outlets in your area. Inasmuch as there are lots of factories, outlets and country based office, so there are need a huge of employees. Now there are more than 0.1 million employees. By the way if you were interested to working at Pfizer outlets, factory as a worker or manager, you may search your interested jobs at Pfizer careers website and submit your resume in this website. According to Pfizer careers website, there have been flexibility to achieve your financial goals. Now there have been huge of category management vacancy for educated and experienced persons.

Submit Your Resume Now

One if you have submitted application you may login to check your application status. I have direction here, before submit your application firstly choose your country where you want to work.

WellPoint Review:

WellPoint Inc:

WellPoint is Angela Braly’s company which is president and CEO of this company. Basically it is one of the largest health care or health insurance companies in the USA and its process the Medicare claims of federal employee health benefits. The company’s headquarters are situated at 120 Monument Circle Indianapolis IN 46204. According Wellpoint’s official website, the company is the Blue Cross Blue Shield serving member in some states in USA and its using independent licensee of Blue Cross Blue Shield. Further information you may through a call at 317-488-6000 or 866-755-2680.

WellPoint Online:

There are official website where visitor can be find reliable information about their business, find a nearest supplier or contact online in any purpose. The website address is and the website is Google’s powered. There are 36 sub categories in the main 7 categories where you will find various informations. The website slogan is health, care and value. By the way, you may visit the website to learn what’s the company’s relationship with government, WellPoint latest news or online press room, stock information etc. If you are an investor you may visit to get financial or stock information, or interested investor can be contact with an investor online. Finally it’s a good rating website.

WellPoint Jobs:

There have been lots of hospitals or Medicare center, customer care etc where need excellent and qualified persons. The candidates of Wellpoint’s jobs can be apply under this area such as- administrator, customer care, sales, behavioral health, IT section, HR section, medical, finance. If you have recently completed graduation or need to complete an internship you may apply for internship under internship area.
By the way, if you interested to apply online, there have been career website where you may find jobs and apply online. Wellpoint career web address is So if you want to get a job at Wellpoint firstly apply online or in a office and take the preparation for interview. Best of luck…

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Careers at DHL

DHL Call Center Job: DHL call center jobs are a super qualities job. If your voice is suitable and you have complete graduate then you can submit your CV. Actually DHL is looking some smarts candidate for this position. So if you would like the call center job submit your CV now. Read more

Giant Food Store Review

Giant food store;

Giant food store is one of the famous human food or supermarket chains in the America. Actually its Pennsylvania based supermarket chain although the chain headquarters are Carlisle in Maryland. But the chain outlets or stores are available in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia states. There are more than 90 stores in the four states. In Pennsylvania, you will find more than 73 Giant food store outlets and you will see minimum 1-2 outlets in each 5Km distances. According to Giant food store official website, the chain tries to maintain the highest stander of performance to their customers.

Giant food store online service;

Giant food store official web address is where consumer can be purchase the Giant brands food online. If you visit the Giant food store website, you will read meal and healthy idea, the company’s history, vision, mission etc. If you have Giant food store Bonus card then you can sign up for myGIANT online account to receive especial email and coupons. Once you have sign up you may login your account to view shopping list and order online.

Contact number of Giant food store;

If you have any complaint on your purchased products performance or if you identified the Giant food store products or foods may cause of health problem. Then you may complaint at the following phone numbers. The chain offered fully refund of your purchased foods.
Complaint against Meat and Poultry: 888-535-4555.
Complaint against others products: 888-732-3366.

Get a Job at Giant food store;

Although it is a small sizes supermarket chain but the chain employees enjoying various benefits. Such as 410 k plan, company’s stock purchase plan, medical and life insurance, scholarships, awards etc. So if you interested to work at this chain you can submit your resume online. To submit you just need to create an account and fill out job application. Once if you have filleted an application form you may login to checked application status.

Submit Your Resume Now

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Kelloggs Review

Kellogg is an American food products company. Now the Kellogg food products are available in more than one hundred eighty countries in the world. The cereal products of Kellogg are most popular and testy food in the American peoples. The Kellogg’s headquarters are situated in Michigan State of America. Read more

Job at safeway inc

Safeway inc is a popular food products and medicine retailers in the USA especially in North America. There are more than seventeen thousand retail stores in USA. Sometimes where are need lots of employee in blank positions. By the way, if the safeway stores are available in your area then you may apply to work in the safeway stores. Basically there are lots of retail, pharmacy… Read more

Quiznos Restaurant Review


Quiznos is an American fast food restaurant chain and it has second placed in the U.S. after Subway to serve submarine sandwiches. There are more than five thousand outlets in different place in the world. But more than four thousand are located in the U.S. Basically in North America. On the other hand Quiznos consumer says that it’s well regarded in the submarine sandwiches or food industry. New the chain trying to stretch their business worldwide, as a result they looking country based dealer and restaurant partners. Interested dealer or restaurant builder can be contact online in the Quiznos official website.

Quiznos Menu;

Fast food is the nutritious foods that are healthy. But there are lots of items where you choose the interested item to make and eat a recipe or fast food. Quiznos offers, consumer customize menu online where online ordered consumer will be see Quiznos menu and order online. If you visit to eat in a restaurant no problem, you may choose from restaurant items list or menu. To find online visit the Quiznos official website then go into the MENU category in the top of website. Quiznos official web address is

Quiznos Coupons;

Quiznos offers free coupons for Quiznos facebook fans. To get Quiznos fan coupons just like the Quiznos facebook fan page and enjoy the discount facility. On the other hand, if you are looking Quiznos printable coupon online, you just need to visit Quiznos official website as its best. In the Quiznos website are available printable coupons. If not available you can sign up to newsletter and get offers via email. Another way that’s you can join Quiznos Q club and enjoy latest offers.

Quiznos Location;

To find out your nearest Quiznos outlets with map, just visit the Quiznos official website and put your city name, select state and enter zip. To see your nearest location map just click on the map it button.

Quiznos Phone Number;

If you have any complaint or need to contact with Quiznos corporate stuff, then you may use following number.
To complaint; 866-486-27833
Any purpose; 720-359-3300 (corporate office)
Get a Job at Quiznos;
If you interested to build you career in food industry then Quiznos is not bad for you. Quiznos offers 401 K program, health and life insurance for their employees. If you have good qualification you can apply for Quiznos corporate job.

Now Fill out Quiznos Job Application Online

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Kelloggs Review

Kellogg is an American food products company. Now the Kellogg food products are available in more than one hundred eighty countries in the world. The cereal products of Kellogg are most popular and testy food in the American peoples. The Kellogg’s headquarters are situated in Michigan State of America. Read more

Rite Aid Review

Rite Aid Pharmacy;

Rite Aid is an American pharmacy chain and the Rite Aid retails are available in more than five thousand locations in the USA. On the other hand, Rita Aid is the third largest pharmacy chain in the USA. According to Rita Aid annual SEC balance sheet, the company’s net income is $555 million in the 2011. New York Stock Exchange says that there are 1.4 billion capitals in the stock market. So typically it is a not bad pharmacy chain.

Rite Aid Locations;

There are more than five thousand retail store in the USA. So it is impossible to presenting in an article. By the way if you want to check your nearest Rite Aid stores just need to click the following link and chose your area.

Find Your Nearest Rite Aid Location with Map

Another way to find your nearest store; you can also call a toll free number to find your nearest Rite Aid stores. The phone number is 800-748-3243. If you have any questions you may asking via this number.

Rite Aid Coupons and rewords;

You will find lots of Rite Aid coupons online in the third party website. Sometimes the third party website suggested coupons are work and sometimes it doesn’t work. Basically it’s depending on coupons sponsored and offered period. Sometimes, many Rite stores offered discount sales individually. Not only discount sales, sometimes they offered free sales. On the other hand, there are wellness plus reward and single check rebate program. If you are eligible for this program or if you have a loyalty card, you may save up to 20% when you purchase any product from any stores. When you shop online from Rite Aid official website then you can use coupons codes or discount codes.
To getting a discount visit the Rite Aid website and discount offer. I was finding some valid coupons code at You can visit this site but I have no responsibility. I suggest another link (rite aid official website link) where you may find coupon codes or discount offers. The link is

Get a Job at Rite Aid Pharmacy;

There are more than 0.1 million employees in the USA. Rite Aid pays $10 to $20 per hours its variety of positions of job. The company’s employees may eligible for 401 (k) plans and health insurance with others facilities. So if you would like to working or would like to complete internship at Rite Aid store you may contact Camp Hill pharmacist intern & pharmacist opportunities dept of Rite Aid home office. The office full address is 30 Hunter lane, Camp Hill, PA 17011. If you want to send your resume online, send to or find the glassdoor rite aid circular page and submit at glassdoor.
Another way to sending resumes; Applicants also send her resume via fax. The Rite Aid fax number is 717-731-3860. After reading this article doesn’t forget to comment. If you want to ask me something please comments here, I will try to give your answer in three business day.

Subway Restaurants Review and Preview


An American restaurant or food chain company and there are business globally. According to Entrepreneur magazines, Subway is the second largest restaurant chain in the world and there are more than thirty seven thousand restaurants in 100 countries. Basically in America, it has a great popularity and continue it have still. The restaurants annual research report says that the restaurants are serving more than 2800 sandwiches and salads in the U.S. per minute.

Subway Menu;

Although subway is a sandwiched based restaurants but there are various menu such as sandwiches, salads, wraps, cookies, pizza, doughnuts, muffins etc. Actually subway is famous to selling sandwiches. On the other hand its famous to make consumer choices or customize menu this mean consumer may able to devise the choices menu from more than 2 million ingredients.

Subway Online Features;

There are web-based business and a website where consumer can be online order or purchases online to home delivery with subway express. Recently subway lunched mobile site where consumer can be manage their account or customize menu from iPhone or mobile device. The subway website address is If you are regular consumer of subway you may signup to get subway newsletter and discount offers in the website. In the subway official website, you can find your nearest subway franchises or outlets.

Subway Card;

Subway offers gift cards for everyone. You may also purchase online a card and sent to your friend or near and dear online. One the other hand if you use subway card then you will earn rewards. Once if you have reword points you can use or redeem the points in any subway restaurants. There are several values card such as subway eat card with various design. Once if you have purchased card you may manage this check your card balance online. To check your card balance online visit your subway@card account.

Subway Coupons;

Subway offers online and printable coupons for their regular consumer. Typically we say that, subway coupons will save money when we go to eat at subway restaurant. You can easily save extra money yourself by just print and using the printable coupons. You will find here the subway printable coupons.

Get a Job at Subway;

If you would like to job at Subway you may fill out a subway job applications online. It’s easy to online fill out a job application. Basically subway is wonderful place to build your career in food industry. To fill out, visit the subway website career page and search your location jobs and fill application online. On the other hands, if you would like to subway’s franchise opportunity you can fill out subway franchise opportunity form online to review. Applicant must have good location to apply for franchise. I hope the information will help you, if its help you don’t forget to comment. If you have any questions about my article don’t hesitate please write your question in comment box. I will try to reply your questions answer.