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Easy Jet Employee Log in Share Portal, Crew Portal, Email Account and others

Easy Jet is the largest airline company in Britain. There are over 500 routes in the 129 destinations. According to its website, approximately 9000 employees work in several fields such as pilot, cabin crew, engineer and others managing departments, customer relationship manager, etc. If you are an employee of Easy Jet airlines, you can be the login for several purposes such as secure email service, use, etc.

Log in to manage share plans online at Easy Jet Capita Share Portal; Easy Jet offers share plans for its employees. If you’re an employee of Easy Jet, you will be investing in the share plans. Once you have purchased a share, you may online login or register to manage the share plans. To login, visit our suggested Easy Jet share portal website (see the link in Reference) and type your user name and password.

Not registered yet, you may sign online at any time. You need 11 digits investor code and a valid email address to create an account. Your investor codes are located in your share certificate or tax voucher.

Easy Jet e-mail login;
Recently Easy Jet offers a secure email service with Microsoft outlook for its employees. To login to your email account, visits our reference suggested link and put your user name and password. If you don’t have an accessible jet email account, you need to contact an IT manager. Once you have created an email account, you may log in to check-in and send an email to conferences. Employees are using the email address for official purposes.

Login Easy Jet Crew Portal
If you are a cabin crew of Easy Jet, you may log in Easy Jet crew portal to remote access and sacrifice information together. The crew portal is more secure, and you need a user name and password to login into this portal. [Note; you can’t registration online the easy jet portal. You need to contact the IT manager to get the user name and password. See the crew portal website link in Resource]

Login Easy Jet Online Staff Shop Center
Easy Jet suggests many online stores where you are shopping with special discounts up to 50% as an Easy Jet employee. If you want to get a deal, you must log in to the Easy Jet staff shop website. To login, put your staff ID number.


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