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How to write a Divorce Notice as a lawyer


From and on behalf of:

Father Name…

Father Name…

Subject: Divorce Notice under section 7(1) of Muslim Family Ordinance, 1961.

Dear Sir,

We have the instructions of our aforesaid client to address you as follows:-

1. That on (00.00.0000), our aforesaid client got married to you as per the Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961. She has delegated the power of divorce as per clause No. 18 of Kabinnama.
2. That our client states that due to continuous mental and physical torture. It is unreasonable for her to continue the marriage life with you. Our client has decided to divorce you, and accordingly, at 00.00.0000, she has divorced you by pronouncing Talak thrice. Now she is serving this divorce notice to you as per section 7(1) of Muslim Family Ordinance 1961 (enclosed herewith).

3.That our client further states that at the time of marriage, the dower was fixed at an amount of Tk. 10,000,01 (Ten lac one). The full dower money has been remaining unpaid. Our client is entitled to Muslim Family Ordinance, 1961. Moreover, she is entitled to get maintenance from you during the iddat period.

4.That our client states that during the conjugal life with you, a daughter, namely (if applicable), was born who is at present (age) years old. The daughter of our aforesaid client is studying in the (if applicable). According to the Muslim Family Ordinance, 1961, you are obligated to pay her all maintenance, including educational expenses, medical expenses, and other expenses every month.

5.That our client hereby states that from today you are no more the husband of our client. Therefore, it is not lawful for you to live with her in the same house. You are presently staying in our client’s house, and she is requesting you to leave the house immediately after receiving this notice.

In the above circumstances, we have our aforesaid client’s instructions to demand of you to pay the dower, money of Tk. 10,00,000/- (Ten lac) in cash to our client, including the maintenance for the iddat period within 30(thirty) days from the date of receipt of this notice. We also have the instructions of our client to request you to pay the full maintenance, including a monthly basis, and with a further request to leave the house of our aforesaid immediately.

(Lawyer name+ signature+stamp)


Divorce Notice date:

Note; the model of divorce notice was write using Bangladhesi Muslim law.