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Convergys Customer Management Review

Convergys Corporation
201 E 4th Street, Cincinnati,
Ohio, OH 45202, USA
Fortune Rank; 721
Phone number; 1- 513-723-7000 & 1-888-284-9900.

Convergys is the world-class customer services, outsourcing, intelligence solution, and technical support providers in the USA, Canada, Costa Rica, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. It is a company that offers work from home that means call center jobs. According to IAOP, the company’s current positions are 5th global outsourcing as the best outsourcing service providers.

Since 1998, the company operating customer management, information management, outsourcing, consults, etc., services in the USA. The company started lots of virtual call centers in India and other Asian countries for lower costs. As to hire a worker in the USA, they must need lots of money that use to hire 5-10 employees in India or other Asian countries.

Now there are over 110 offices in North and South America, Europe, Middle East, African, and Asia pacific. And there are approximately 0.1 million employees who are work worldwide. Convergys is a third-party company that provides customer management products and tools. The company always had taken an order or contractual work from clients, such as customer service support for products, help, orders, etc., customer care management to telecommunication companies, and other business support and services.