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Top 5 Ways to Unblock a Blocked Website

All websites are mainly free everywhere around the world. Sometimes government, school, administration, and other companies blocked some restricted websites from their internet to get the way. For example, sometimes Facebook, Youtube blocked in huge countries. Simultaneously, anyone who lives in a local area can browse or unblocked the blocked website using some method or tricks. In the current topics, I will discuss the best five ways to unlock a secured website.

1. Use an IP proxy software
On the web, unlimited IP proxy software is available. For example, Hide IP easy, hide IP platinum, Easy Hide IP, Proxyshell Hid IP, Auto Hide IP, Hide IP, Hide My Ip, IP Hider, etc… are available at loa w price. There is no need to describe how to use the software utilising the guidelines in the topics.
2. Use a Proxy server
Some online companies offer you free proxy IP or server. For example, Just visit a proxy server website and enter the blocked website’s URL.
3. Use mobile internet
y countries, a mobile company always using proxy servers from another state. So you take this advantage of browsing from your mobile. Remember that the mobile operators can be blocked any restricted website.
4. Use a VPN connection
Create or use a virtual private network or VPN. A free VPN name is HotspotSheild. This is more secure than the Proxy server.
5. Changes DNS servers
If you are the owner of a blocked company, you can change your website DNS setting. Mainly people are using Google DNS. Remember that those discussed methods are sometimes illegal,l, so everything responsibility to you.

How to Control another PC Remotely

Want to control another PC from your pc? If yes, this is possible, and there are simple ways. Today I want only to discuss the topic briefly that may help you to make a remote connection. Before discussing the technical part, I want to ensure here, and once if you have a private connection, you may manage everything works like install run a program from your PC, transfer the file, share network, etc. even you can scan virus from your PC.

What is need to connect remotely

Before control another PC remotely, do you know what is you need? It would help if you had an intranet or internet connection with another PC, allowing the remote desktop connection. Intra connection includes cable connection, wifi/Bluetooth connection, or more.


1. If you have windows 8, click on the “Search” option and type “mstsc” then you will see mstsc.exe. Click on the program to run. For other windows, go to your computer start menu >> All Programs> Accessories>> Remote Desktop.
2. Press the computer (which you have allowed remote desktop connection) IP address or hostname and click the Connect button.
3. If you need an advance setting, click the Show Options and setting manually.
4. Enter the computer (which you have allowed remote desktop connection) username and password, then click OK to log in remotely.