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Bank of America Online Banking

Bank of America is the Fortune 500 ranked an American worldwide banking and financial services company that contains 13 in all sectors and place 1 in banking and financial sectors. In fact, there are first-class relationships among more than 150 countries, so it has been contained the first rank.

By the way, at present, I am going to touching the underlined topic “Bank of America online banking.” Online banking or e-banking is a general service for more than a few years. Now maximum banks are offering online banking for their customers. At the viewpoint, the bank of American online banking is not a remarkable revelation from others. Not only here, but there are also common features like other online banks such as-

1. Bank of American online banking accounts are always manageable from home with internet connected PC, laptop, etc. Recently it has launched an iPhone application that its customers use at iPhone to handle.
2. Account holders will be able to view account balance online.
3. Transfer funds, pay virtual bills, etc.
4. View and print recent transaction histories and statements.
5. Online order to chequebooks.
6. If business accounts, then its customers will be a handle or issue paycheck and others.
7. Online customer supports, monitors fraud activities online, and more.

By the way, if you have a Bank of America online banking account, you may visit its official website to log in to your account. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Bank of America routing number?

A. Each American banks are using 9 digits Routing numbers. The Bank of America provides different ordering checks, direct deposit, and wire transfer routing numbers for different states. But its wire transfer code is 026009596 for all states. Just click here and select your State.

Q. How do I activate the Bank of America EDD card?
A. There are EDD debit card programs to receive an employee’s payment directly. If you have an inactivate EDD card, click here to activate your card. If you need any help, you may call at 1.866.692.9374.

Q. How do I sign in to the bank of America online banking account?
A. If you have a Bank of America online banking account, you may trip the,and select your State, click your left side Sign in button, and enter your online id, password, etc., to log in to your account.

Q. How do I pay Bank of America bill online?
A. There is a convenient online bill payment option to pay a bill login your account, click the “Bill Pay” button, and follow its directions.

Q. How do I activate a Bank of America debit card online?
A. To activate your debit card, visit It would be best to have the debit card number and temporary PIN to activate the debit card you receive via postal mail. To activate via phone, you may call at 1.800.276.9939. Need any help with activation systems, call 1-888-287-4637.

Q. How do I customize the bank of America debit card design?
A. There are different designed debit and credit cards. But you also customer your card design. To customize, visit the bank of America MyExpression banking (it’s available on the bank of America home page). There are different categories of card design. You will customize your card here (add your company or institute logo, add pictures, etc.) when you shop. Or call at 1- 800-414-4229 for helps.

Q. Can I bank of America deposit check online?
A. Yes, you may remote deposit online. You need to via phone for service, call at 1-866-283-4075. Once if you have been completed the registration process, click here to login and scan your check.

Q. How do I Cash pay bank of America bill?
A. If you would like to pay your bill by cash, visit your nearest Bank of America centre.

Q. How do I activate the Bank of America credit card online?
A. To activate your credit card, visit And enter your card number, secure code, and expiry date to activate your card.

Q. How do I pay Bank of America Credit Card bill online?
Bank of America also accepts checking and saving, etc. account to pay your credit card bill. Just login to your account and add a banking account to pay the bill automatically or manually.

Bank of America CashPay services Information

Bank of America is the most important financial institution in the United States. This institution provides financial help to its clients. Recently the financial company offers a CashPay card to solutions your business like a payment processor. For example, suppose you are a business owner or have a company. In that case, you may contact the Bank of America CashPay card department to pay your employees’ salaries, overtime, annual or occasional bills. The CashPay card systems from Bank of America are beneficial, and it helps you save time, easy and quick ways to pay your employees’ bills.

Bank of America cash pay service uses direct deposit systems deposited within 24 hours in your account. So if you use the course, you will save extra costs and time. On the other hand, if you are an employee and use the CahsPay card, you will enjoy the following benefits.

1. Bank of America provides VISA branded CashPay card, which you will use, and a VISA-supported ATM.
2. Use everywhere to purchase products from the store. Note; some store doesn’t support debit card, where it’s not redeemable.
3. It’s providing your human resources department or related program office, so you no needed a bank office to visit applying for a card.
4. Free online banking account to check your card is a remaining balance, funds transfer, pay the bill, etc.

CashPay card regular fees and additional charges

$2.00 maintenance fees are applicable per month.
Cardholders can be use 1time per week for the card in any ATMs of the bank of America. If you use other visa supported ATM, you will pay $1.50 for each transaction. If you need one more time in a week, you will pay a $1.5 extra charge.
If you use ATM outside of the USA, you will pay $3.50 for every transaction.
Two times balance check in ATM for free in a month, but over $0.50 charge is applicable.
If needed, card replacement, $5 fee for card replacement.
If you want to online fund transfer, it’s not free. The online fund’s transfer fee is $1.50 for each transfer.
For additional bits of help, contact your program officer.


Bank of America CashPay

How to activate Bank of America credit card online

Bank of America is the most important financial institution in the united state. This institution provides financial help to the bank’s client in the USA. This institution is also providing services to more than 155 countries of the world. This institution serves various services like home loans, car mortgages, study loans, home equity loans, and insurance services. This institution also manages the financial problems of its clients. This institution also offers to pay different bills online. Now accept the opportunity to enjoy various benefits from Bank of America. If you want to benefit from Bank of America, The credit card will help to get this opportunity quickly. Now you can see how to activate a Bank of America credit card online.

To activate your card, Go to the Bank of America’s online banking website. First, you will require a computer with an internet connection. Then your desire will help you to get an online credit card. you can also see this simple process

Visit the Reference suggested website link .there are two ways to the activation process for existing and new online banking customers. Here is discus the two activation system briefly-

Existing an online Banking customer

Select the “yes” box in the first screenshot.
Put your online Banking ID in the Secure sign in the required box.
Click on the blue color “check your site key” button to access your account.
If you have been successfully accessing your account, enter your 16 digits credit card number (if master card) or 15 digits if American express.
Type your three digits Security code if a master card or four digits for American express(security code finds out from the backside of the card)
Select card Validity date with month and year
Click the continue button to complete the activation process.

New customers

if you are not in online banking customer but want to create an online account
Select the “No” option in the first screenshot
Put your 16 digits credit card number (if master card) or 15 digits if American express.
Type your 3 digits Security code if the master card or 4 digits for American express (security code finds out backside side of the card)
Select card Validity date with month and year
click continue button to complete the activation process
the computer system will be asked to createOnlineline Banking account. To complete the online ban, the king, you will also need some personal information la Nike valid e-mail address, phone number, mailing address, social security number, etc.

If needed more information, you will call this phone no- 1- 800-432-1000.


Online Credit card Activation center of Bank of America