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10 Best Free Social Networking Applications For iPhone

1. Facebook
Facebook apps by the Facebook developer team or Facebook Inc is the 1st best free application for iPhone, iPad, or others. Through the application, the user quickly updates status, share photo, videos, etc. Facebook Messenger is another popular application by Facebook Inc. The application exists in each market, like iTunes, Google play store, etc.

2. Twitter
Twitter application for iPhone or iPad by Twitter Inc has taken 2nd place as a free application in the social media category according to user ratings. As social media applications, users twit status, follow others, etc. The application is to be had in each app’s market, like iTunes, Google play store, etc.

3. Skype for iPhone
Skype for iPhone is a free and popular video chat application that has taken 3rd place according to users’ ratings. The application allows skype to skype video calls for free. The application is to be had in every app’s market, like iTunes, Google play store, etc.

4. Pinterest
Pinterest by Pinterest Inc is a social media tool that assists in finding out and planning things you would like to do. For example, plan a project, consider your next adventure, etc. The application is accessible in iTunes, Google play store, and other app stores.

5. Find My Friends
Find my friends is a free social media application developed by Apple Inc allowing finding your friend’s locations with a map. There are excellent facilities. For example, if the application has been installed on your iPhone and signed in, then stolen, you will find the thief’s exact location. The application is to be had in iTunes, Google play store, and other app stores.

6. Vine
Vine is a social networking application allowing crate and sharing short looping video clips. For example, you will create a 7-second smiling video and share it. The application is to be on the Vine official website, iTunes, Google play store, and other apps.

7. Kik Messenger
Kik messenger is like the iPhone, Blackberry, etc. Messenger allows sharing photos, sketch content, offline messaging, voice messages, group conversations, etc. You can download the application on its official website,, or iTunes, Google play store, and other app stores.

8. Tango Text, Voice & Video
Tango Text, Voice & Video is like Facebook, connecting your friend, finding new friends, sending text messages, and making voice and video calls to a friend for free. Not only at this point, but the user may also well play online games, etc. The application is to be had in Tango Text, Voice & Video official website, iTunes, and Google play smothered other app stores.

9. Linkedin
Linkedin is a social media application for professional people that allows sharing your professional information, making a circle, etc.

10. Viber
Viber allows text, call, and a video messages to a friend for free through online, WiFi, or 3G. At this point, Viber supported calls to a non-Viber landline or mobile number at low costs. Installing Viber on your iPhone will update your saved contact if you match the phone or email id.

How to activate Watch ABC on Apple TV Activate ABC on Apple TV

Last Update: 06/04/2014,by GSS
View ABC application has removed from the apple app store last month and replace it with the newer app Watch ABC. But users are still facing difficulties in activating ABC with the application title name “Watch ABC.” ABC is a famous American broadcasting TV network. On the other hand, Apple provides a 1080p supported digital media player to watch an ABC show. Not only ABC, but it also supports five channels, including Hulu Plus, Netflix, Disney, etc. However, if you want to activate your device with Watch ABC, follow the following direction. Note; only At&T, Charter, Cox, Google Fiber, Midcontinent communication, Optimum, Verizon, and Comcast TV network’s users may activate.

1. Tapped on the “Watch ABC” icon on your Apple TV. On the Next page, it will show ABC features; you need to select a program, then it will be prompted to activate. Select your TV provider name from the list. In the next steps, it will show your activation code. Collect the activation code. If you can’t see this activation code, contact your network provider, they will solve this issue.
2. The next steps should be complete with mobile, computer, or internet browsing devices and go to the
3. Select your provider name from the drop-down list.
4. Enter your activation code, then it will re-directly your TV network provider website to verify your account. Enjoy ABC live show-
5. After activate, if it doesn’t work, sign out under the setting menu in the Watch ABC. Then it will be asked to re-activate online. And complete the re-activation process.
6. If facing this problem still, call 800-230-0229 (Mon-Fri 8 am-9 pm, Sat 8 am-2 pm) to get support.


Activate ABC

iPhone 6 Release Date & Feature

Once, it was a rumor about iPhone 6. But Apple is indeed going to launch the iPhone 6 as their next smartphone. According to Tim Cook (CEO of Apple), his company will launch iPhone 6 in the second half of this year (maybe in September 2014). Another rumor was Sapphire glass for iPhone 5c, but this will be true; according to Tim Cook, it will be in then of one (iPhone 6).

Home button: fully functioning prototype (Giant Retina, IGZO, Touch ID fingerprint)
Home screen: 1080p HD regulation
Screen sizes: 5-inch or larger
Glass: Sapphire glass
Casing: Colorful casing for multiple personality’s people
Operating system: iOS7.1 or iOS8
Processor: Quad-core A8
Data storage: Nearly 128 GB
Battery backup: More than 6 hours with wireless charging
Wireless, Bluetooth, 13 mp iSight camera & others facility


iPhone 6

How to unlock iPhone 5c & 5s

Network locked iPhone (5, 5s, 5c) are so much at a low price, even under $200. But its system unlocked price is over $700. So peoples are seeking how to open to use their local SIM card easily. But the iPhone has a robust security system, which is impossible to break easily. It is also known as jailbreak. On the other hand, they also seek to purchase its unlocked code for &4-&5. a Few days ago, my friend asks me to buy an unlocked code for $4 or $5. But I ask him why? He tells me he has an iPhone 5s, and he wants to send it outside of the US.

Trick to Unlock
1. Purchase a contact-free iPhone, then you will use any local SIM card or network.
2. If you have an already purchased iPhone, contact your carrier. They will provide an unlocked code for your phone. It may take up to seven days.
3. Or contact the third party, which professionally unlocks iPhone or another phone, but I think there is a jailbreak risk.


iPhone 5s/5c

iPhone 6

The new iPhone 6 from Apple is going to market next June 2014. The series of smartphones from Apple is a popular phone series in the USA, not only in the USA but also globally. According to a rumor, Apple has been testing operating systems (iOS7) successfully for iPhone 6. And it will be released with three extra features as the next model of the iPhone. According to the Chinese language Commercial Times, the following features will be added.

The new feature of the iPhone 6 (maybe added)
1. Operating systems- iOS 7
2. Display- 4.8 inch
3. Camera- 12 megapixel

But another source says that the next model of the iPhone is the iPhone 5S with iOS7. KGI Security researcher Ming-Chi Koyo said Apple might announce the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 in the last year.

How to Use Instagram in Your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android Phone

Instagram is an image/photo-sharing application for iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android phone, and others. The application is available on your device-related website for free; for example, if you want to use Instagram on your iPhone, iPod from apple, you may download the iTunes store application. If you’re going to use Instagram on your Android phone, then the application is available on Google Play. Instagram posts to Instagram online, and then there are sharing options to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, and social media. Now huge developer created Instagram is available online, such as Kevin Systrom, created by Josh Duggar, by MK Design, etc. However, it follows the following direction to use in your device.

1. Download the Instagram apps from your device provided website, such as the iTunes store, for apple-powered phones. You must have installed the iTunes application on your device if you download it from the iTunes store.
2. Install and run on your device. After run in your device, you need an online free sign-up to use the application.
3. To sign up, click the “Sign Up’ button from your application home page. The Sing Up button is located on the Instagram application home page.
4. On the Registration page, put the required information such as username, phone number, email address, upload photo, etc., and click the “Register” button.
5. Next steps will suggest importing a contact list from Facebook. If you don’t wish, you may skip this setup.
6. Next steps will re-suggest to the following user: to follow clock the follow button, click has done button if completed.
7. Now, you may use the Instagram application (you must have an internet connection)
8. There are five tools icon on the bottom side of your screen. You may use any tools. For example, if you want to share the picture, click the Camera icon, and choose where you share. There are two options, such as Camera and Photo Gallery. If you want to share with a webcam, select the camera option. It will automatically run the device’s webcam or camera and store pictures. There are some filters that you apply to your photos. If completed, it will suggest share with social media, so select social media and share or publish your picture.

How to Login or Signup Apple iTunes Store to Download Apps

Suppose you are looking for app downloads from the Apple iTunes Store for your iPhone without login into the Apple iTunes store. In that case, it’s not possible, as the Apple iTunes store offers a free account for every apple user. Some users don’t sign up for apple iTunes stores as they try to sign up from the USA. Apple provides huge free software and games for iPhone, but you need to login to the iTunes store, although not required to enter credit card information. [Caution; don’t share your credit card information for any free software as it’s not free. There is a charge applicable and automatically taken from your credit card].

So if you are interested in signup and login, apple iTunes stores, follow the following directions.
1. Download the latest version of iTunes software. It’s available on the apple website. See the newest version download link in Resource.
2. Run the iTunes store software on your iPhone.
3. Once you sign up, click the “Sign in” button on the right upper side and log in to your account with a username and password. If you are the first time and have not a credit card, follow the following directions.
4. Click the “iTunes Store” in the left side column (there are lots of menus such as the library, stores, shared, genius, playlist with lots of sub-menus).
5. You will see the “iTunes store” on the bottom side of the next screen with lots of options such as exploring, featuring, helping, managing, ping, etc. Click on the “App Store” in the Explore column. Select the store location in the United States.
6. Chose any app. There are several categories of apps with a price and priceless. If you want to download free apps, choose from the free apps list, and select it.
7. In the next steps, you will briefly see the apps’ descriptions, and there are “Get App” options in the stories below.
8. If you don’t have a previous account, click the “Create New Account” button.
9. Click the Continue > Continue (2 steps).
10. Type your valid email id, create a new password, set up the security question, and answer it. Enter your date of birth in the required fields > Continue.
11. Chose payment method. Suppose you want to download only a free app, no needed setup credit card. Just leave the stage with click “None” options. Otherwise, you need to set up a credit card. Apple always accesses VISA, master, discover, American Express and PayPal, etc.> Continue.
12. Enter your US valid mailing address with ZIP code.
13. Finally, you’ll need email verification. To verification click, the email suggested link and start the download.


Apple iTunes latest version