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10 Best Free Social Networking Applications For iPhone

1. Facebook
Facebook apps by the Facebook developer team or Facebook Inc is the 1st best free application for iPhone, iPad, or others. Through the application, the user quickly updates status, share photo, videos, etc. Facebook Messenger is another popular application by Facebook Inc. The application exists in each market, like iTunes, Google play store, etc.

2. Twitter
Twitter application for iPhone or iPad by Twitter Inc has taken 2nd place as a free application in the social media category according to user ratings. As social media applications, users twit status, follow others, etc. The application is to be had in each app’s market, like iTunes, Google play store, etc.

3. Skype for iPhone
Skype for iPhone is a free and popular video chat application that has taken 3rd place according to users’ ratings. The application allows skype to skype video calls for free. The application is to be had in every app’s market, like iTunes, Google play store, etc.

4. Pinterest
Pinterest by Pinterest Inc is a social media tool that assists in finding out and planning things you would like to do. For example, plan a project, consider your next adventure, etc. The application is accessible in iTunes, Google play store, and other app stores.

5. Find My Friends
Find my friends is a free social media application developed by Apple Inc allowing finding your friend’s locations with a map. There are excellent facilities. For example, if the application has been installed on your iPhone and signed in, then stolen, you will find the thief’s exact location. The application is to be had in iTunes, Google play store, and other app stores.

6. Vine
Vine is a social networking application allowing crate and sharing short looping video clips. For example, you will create a 7-second smiling video and share it. The application is to be on the Vine official website, iTunes, Google play store, and other apps.

7. Kik Messenger
Kik messenger is like the iPhone, Blackberry, etc. Messenger allows sharing photos, sketch content, offline messaging, voice messages, group conversations, etc. You can download the application on its official website,, or iTunes, Google play store, and other app stores.

8. Tango Text, Voice & Video
Tango Text, Voice & Video is like Facebook, connecting your friend, finding new friends, sending text messages, and making voice and video calls to a friend for free. Not only at this point, but the user may also well play online games, etc. The application is to be had in Tango Text, Voice & Video official website, iTunes, and Google play smothered other app stores.

9. Linkedin
Linkedin is a social media application for professional people that allows sharing your professional information, making a circle, etc.

10. Viber
Viber allows text, call, and a video messages to a friend for free through online, WiFi, or 3G. At this point, Viber supported calls to a non-Viber landline or mobile number at low costs. Installing Viber on your iPhone will update your saved contact if you match the phone or email id.

How to Remove Lock Screen of Android Phone

The lock screen is disgusting for someone; each time needed, turn on the lock screen to call or something to do. Even if you count your phone’s unlocking time, the result will show over 100 minutes every month. So if you feel boring to lock the screen, maybe the following article will help you. Just try to use the next free application.

Name of the Application: LockScreen Free
Price: Free
Install: Available at Google Play
Facilities: Just one touch to unlocking the screen, open any application, call, view contact list, recent call list, flashlight.

Resource: LockScreen Free