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How to Remove Adblock on Mozila Firefox & Google Chrome

Adblocker is a standard extension or add-on for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Even over 20 million Google Chrome users are using the Adblocker extension, and over 16 million users of Firefox are using this extension. The extension is used to block all types of advertisements when you visit any website. For example, if you use a youtube ad blocker, the extension will be blocking all types of ads when you visit Sometimes it is tiresome for someone. So if you need to uninstall, disable or remove, follow the following direction.

Mozilla Firefox;

1. Firstly, open the Mozilla Firefox, go to Add-ons under the Tools menu, and click Extensions.
2. You will see all the installed extensions and find Adblocker.
3. If enable, click the Disable button to disable (not working) Remove to uninstall appropriately. It will be taken a few times to uninstall and restart the browser completely.
4. Someone facing a problem to uninstall or continue blocking ads, or doesn’t working browser after uninstall then uninstall your browser and install again or update your browser, I think your problem will be solved.

Google Chrome
1. For Google Chrome, click the Setting option under control and customize the menu.
2. Click Extensions and find Adblocker. To uninstall, click the deleted picture.. it will be removed properly.
3. For install, click the Get more extensions link and type Adblocker in the search box to search. And click the “Add to Google Chrome” to install+ enable.