Pizza Hut Asking For Pay Stub or W2

According to Federal law, each employee has required to sign a PVR (payroll verification report) to verifying worked hours. So it is asking for pay stub or W2. Pizza Hut makes use of direct deposit (wire transfer) or pay cards for payroll with 14 days period. The period starts in on Tuesday and split ends two weeks later on Monday. According to a survey, the payroll option of wire transfer or pay card is a convenience, safe and secure method. There are electronic pay stub delivery options that cheering staffs to contribute in this method to access their pay information online or email. It is also convenience as you no need waiting to pick up the pay stub at the restaurant. So if you interested your pay information access online or through email just send a request with your name, restaurant number, email address etc at

On the other hand, if asking payroll dedication, you must file up deduction form to make payroll deduction. Basically Pizza Hut made federal income tax, state income tax, social security tax and Medicare deduction as mandatory with employee’s gross wages at pay period. You will take delivery of a yearly wage and tax statement before 31 January. If you need duplicate copy of W2 you must contact to your Payroll department.

As NPC Pizza Hut allied you will possibly check or view your pay stub from NPC portal using by intranet that is not possible access through internet.


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