How to Activate Access Florida Card

To first time your access Florida card, you should be activate. The activating process is essential to safe from hacker or identity thief. In novelty these days, federal activities with paper are really rare. Access Florida card is the part of electronic benefit transfer (EBT) by fidelity national information services which associated with Arkansas, Columbia, Florida, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, Wisconsin etc state of department. If you have already a card you may activate your card to transfer benefit electronically from Florida department of Children and Families.

To activate your card first time, call at 1-888-356-3281 for Florida and 1-866-629-1095 for Florida WIC. And request to activate, they will ask card related information to verify your identity. And it will ask you to set your PIN or personal information number. If complete your card activation you can cut off line.

If you are existing card holder, and you may enter your card number and others related information to check balance. See the link in Resource section.


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  1. Hurricane foodstamp receipiant received my card Oct.12th. card was swiped but apparently incorrectly. Still have not received stamps I have been to the local office 3 times.Different story each time.Very disappointed and frustrated at this time!

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