How to unlock iPhone 5c & 5s

Network locked iPhone (5, 5s, 5c) are so much in cheep price, even under $200 only. But its network unlocked price is over $700. So peoples are seeking how to easily unlock to use their local SIM card. But iPhone has powerful security system, which is impossible to easily break, it is also known as jail break. On the other hand, they also seeking it are possible to purchase its unlocked code for &4-&5. Few days ago, my friend asks me that he want to buy an unlocked code for $4 or $5. But I ask him why? He tells me, he has an iPhone 5s, and he wants to send it out side of US.

Trick to Unlock
1. Purchase contact free iPhone, then you will use any local SIM card or network.
2. If you have an already purchased iPhone, contact your carrier. They will provide unlocked code for your phone. It may take up to seven days.
3. Or contact with third party, which professionally unlock iPhone or others phone, but I think there are risk of jail break.


iPhone 5s/5c

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