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How to activate Watch ABC on Apple TV

WatchABC.com/activate- Activate ABC on Apple TV

Last Update: 06/04/2014,by GSS
View ABC application has removed from apple app store in last month, and replace with newer app Watch ABC. But users still facing difficulties to activate ABC with the application title name “Watch ABC”. Basically ABC is a popular American broadcasting TV network, On the other hand, Apple provide 1080p supported digital media player where you can watch ABC show. Not only ABC, it is support nearly 25 channel including Hulu Plus, Netflix, Disney etc. However, if you want to activate your device with Watch ABC, just follow the following direction. Note; only At&T, Charter, COX, Google Fiber, Midcontinent communication, Optimum, Verizon and Comcast TV network’s users may activate.

1. Tapped on the “Watch ABC” icon on your Apple TV. In the Next page, it will show abc features, you need select a program, then it will be prompted to activate. Select your TV provider name from list. in the next steps, it will show your activation code. collect the activation code. If you can’t see this activation code, contact your network provider, they will solve this issue.
2. The next steps should be complete with mobile, computer or internet browsing device and go to the watchabc.com/activate.
3. Select your provider name from drop down list.
4. Enter your activation code then it will re-directly your TV network provider website to verify your account. Enjoy ABC live show-
5. After activate, if it doesn’t work, just sign out under setting menu in the Watch ABC. Then it will be ask to re-activate online. And complete re-activation process.
6. If facing still this problem, just call 800-230-0229 (Mon-Fri 8am-9pm, Sat 8am-2pm) to get support.


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