Jersey Boys

The upcoming Hollywood films Jersey Boys for Warner Bros directed by Clint Eastwood is now scheduled to begin shooting this summer in Los Angeles, USA. According to Clint Eastwood, he is looking for stage actors for the film, and its star is still unselected. The film’s story was written by John Logan based on the Tony award-winning Broadway musical. In the movie, a friend’s group goes from the wrong blue-collar side of the way start to become one of the most significant American pop sensations and sold their own wrote song 175 million records worldwide before their age of 30 years. Short Details of the film are bellow-

Name of the film: Jersey Boys
Release date: Unfixed
Gener: Musical
Cast: Unfixed, according to a rumour, there is a chance to cast John Magaro, Dominic Cooper, Paul Dano, Vincent Piazza, and more.
Director: Clint Eastwood and John Favreau
Distributor: Warner Bros and GK Films
Producer: Graham King and Rob Lorenz
Executive producer: Valli and Bob Gaudio
Development by: GK films and Warner Bros
Status-production. And its production wilstartrt at the end of August on the Warner Bros lot.

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