How to track lost phone using IMEI number

Is possible to track lost or stolen phone using IMEI no? Of course you will find your lost phone using with IMEI number. But there are difficulties and it is depended on your network provider. Some one use anti-theft protection application in their iPhone or mobile, but it is extra facilities. Some one never uses anti-theft protection application in their phone or doesn’t support these types of application in their phone, then how do we find our lost phone, in this situation we truck the stolen or lost phone using by IMEI number. IMEI number is individual for each phone or mobile. If you don’t know your Phone or mobile’s IMEI number, it is located on phone package or in phone sticker under phone’s buttery. To track with IMEI number, you can follow my following suggestion.

1. Firstly identify that your phone is really lost or stolen. As your phone can be hidden with your friend or nearest person.
2. File a report to the Police that mobile is stolen.
3. Report to your network service provider that your phone is stolen and show police report document if needed.
4. After file a report, police will be found your phone by tracking with IMEI number. Basically the searching option is confidential. But if your phone is registered with Google account then you can be look up you in Google. Or others place like etc where you will registered with your personal information for public.
5. But easy ways is if you have Smart phone just use a Plan B application. It is available in apps store.

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