How to install New Operating System in your Blackberry Phone

If you have any Blackberry phone and if you want to install latest OS in your phone then the may help you. To install operating system in your Blackberry phone you must have Blackberry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK) apps and a PC. Not only install, you will upgrade to new operating system version with this apps. So follows the following direction step by step to complete installation easily.

1. Install the BBSAK application in your PC. If you have not available, just visit BBSAK’s official website and download the application for free.
2. Download Blackberry OS for your carrier from Blackberry website. To download OS visit our resource suggested link. And select your carrier from list then download.
3. You need another application of Blackberry desktop manager. See its download link in Resource section. So download the application and install it.
4. Connect your Blackberry phone to your computer with USB cable. If you have successfully installed the BBSAK application, it will be automatically run in connection time.
5. Before load new OS please create a back up. Backup Apps available under Backup/Restores menu. It will be back up in to the program file.
6. To load new OS in your Blackberry phone, install the downloaded blackberry OS in your PC.
7. Click the Load OS menu and select new version of OS from drop down menu and click the Load OS. There are needed some times to load new OS. If loaded complete your phone will restart. Enjoy its.


Blackberry OS
Blackberry desktop manager

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