How to connect your Samsung Galaxy Y to PC for Internet

Setting internet connection on PC through Samsung Galaxy Y is easy. Many people try to connect their Samsung Galaxy Y to PC with Samsung Kies that is not used to tether the phone. Hey guys, you can’t use the Kies application (Samsung PC suite) to use the internet for your Samsung Galaxy Y. But there are easy ways to connect to a PC that you use Wi-Fi, data cable or Bluetooth, etc. The following instruction may help you to relate appropriately-
1. Firstly, go to the “Setting” menu on your phone.
2. Click “Wireless and networks.”
3. In the next steps, if you want a setup with a WiFi connection, click the Wi-Fi setting/ Bluetooth setting for configuration Bluetooth connection. But if you’re going to connect your Samsung Galaxy Y to PC through USB as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, then click the “Tethering and portable hots.”
4. Next steps, click the check box of Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
5. Configure portable Wi-Fi hotspot with Network SSID, security, and password, then save.
Now enjoy an internet connection. Suppose you can’t access the internet connection still. In that case, I think you have no internet service from your network provider or check the box “Use Packet Data” under Mobile Network Settings” is inactivated.

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