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How to Cancel Netflix Account or Membership

Netflix is an internet television network in over 40 countries around the world with 36 millions people. In the present topics I will discuss on the membership cancellation process. So any one question me that why you cancel Netflix account? Hey guys this is your own purpose. I will only discuss its procedure, and I or my article never liable for decision. However I acknowledge you that, any one (who has Netflix membership) can cancel their account any time and again resume or recover their account.

To cancel Netflix account follows the following directions
1. Visit the Netflix website and login you account.
2. Select on the “Cancel Streaming Plan” link under the “Your Streaming Plan” tab.
3. After select click the “Cancel Streaming Plan” button.
4. If you have DVD account, select the “Cancel DVD Plan” under “Your DVD Plan” and then click on the “Cancel DVD Plan”
5. If you want to stop DVD plan immediately then select the “Stop shipping DVDs to me as of today” box and click the Cancel DVD plan.

You can everything stop by calling your nearest Netflix center or call at 1-866-716-0414 for support.

Angelina Jolie’s Breast Cancer

Rumor about Angelina Jolie’s Breast cancer vs. real event

The great star Angelina Jolie which is famous for a lot of things, and he have unlimited fans around the world. In huge of country, their local media has been published that Jolie has been attacked by breast cancer disease. But it is not real. On 14 May 2013, The New York Times was published an article of Angelina Jolie heading as “My Medical Choice” in the Opinion Pages. Where she clearly reveals that her doctors estimated that he has at least 87% chance of breast cancer and at least 50% chance of ovarian cancer.

In the risky point, she has decided to have a preventive double mastectomy to remove both her breast. We acknowledge our reader that last February in this year, Jolie had major surgery to remove her breast. It is her own decision, where we have no suggestion, we can only pray to god to save her life from everything.

The chance of breast cancer and ovarian cancer estimated from study of her family or genetic biography & genetic test. According to analyzing her family background or genetic biography, her mother and her mother’s younger sister was died from cancer. On the other hand, BRCA1 & BRCA2 genes are caused of developing cancer in breast and ovary. Jolie’s doctor had found that there are so many chances.

At final we pay to god to save Jolie’s life from everything, not only Jolie, we pray for all mothers and sisters which are passing their life with cancer. Not only end with pray, we must help them financially and psychologically.


My Medical Choice