How to Control another PC Remotely

Want to control another PC from your pc? If yes, this is possible, and there are simple ways. Today I want only to discuss the topic briefly that may help you to make a remote connection. Before discussing the technical part, I want to ensure here, and once if you have a private connection, you may manage everything works like install run a program from your PC, transfer the file, share network, etc. even you can scan virus from your PC.

What is need to connect remotely

Before control another PC remotely, do you know what is you need? It would help if you had an intranet or internet connection with another PC, allowing the remote desktop connection. Intra connection includes cable connection, wifi/Bluetooth connection, or more.


1. If you have windows 8, click on the “Search” option and type “mstsc” then you will see mstsc.exe. Click on the program to run. For other windows, go to your computer start menu >> All Programs> Accessories>> Remote Desktop.
2. Press the computer (which you have allowed remote desktop connection) IP address or hostname and click the Connect button.
3. If you need an advance setting, click the Show Options and setting manually.
4. Enter the computer (which you have allowed remote desktop connection) username and password, then click OK to log in remotely.

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