How to connect your Mac Laptop to a Television

Someone is facing a problem to connect their Mac Laptop to a Television, even they call an expert to join, but I think it is nothing, you will connect without an expert. There is a simple process with appropriate VGA cable/cord, VGA adapter, and RCA adapter and cable. You will setup connection easily by following directions-

1. Find out your Mac Laptops mini display port for VGA (see in the picture)

2. You need a VGA adapter as there is no directly connected port. Look at the picture and run the VGA adapter.

3. Run the VGA cable to the VGA adapter.

4. The VGA cable another head into to TV’s VGA port

5. Run the RCA adapting to your Mac Headphone Jack and run RCA cabin to TV’s Audio port with adjusting colour.

6. If everything ok, you need to see the ct Input menu watching TV.

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