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WordPress is a free web script and use the WP script or platform over corer of website. Now the platform is more popular in the world. Huge of providers offering free themes for wordpress but all free themes isn’t with SEO. As results, website owners always search SEO themes. On the other hand, Article directory themes are the themes that use to submit article every one. I’ve suggested an Article Directory theme from Dailywp. Merely not here, I’m using the premium theme in my website www.oscbd.com. I think this theme is imaging and wonderful with SEO. I’ve searching a good article directory theme with SEO since long time at least I found it. This is not a marketing article for dailywp.com, I’m an user of this theme… see its feature, limitation and purchasing information in the bellow-

1. Fully SEO theme
2. Deference types of post submission platform like article directory website
3. Captcha verification/security image verification to spam protects.
4. User login and registration options deference from wordpress.
5. User profile widget.
6. Article and user setting options
7. Mailing setting options
8. Any one can be submit report on any post
9. Feature post / you may select feature post pricing option with paypal payment
10. Google customer search option

This is good types of theme with SEO but there is some problem for example-
1. User can’t upload picture in her/his post
2. Some plugging doesn’t support
3. You can’t remove captcha

How to purchase:
To purchase this theme visit it official website see it link in the Resource section.



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