How to Apply H1B VISA Program

H-1B VISA program is a 3 years working contract VISA (non-immigrant) in the USA. This program allows hiring foreign workers that means US employers may hire temporarily employee or contract worker from out side of USA under the Immigration and Nationality Act section in USA. This is 3 to 6 years staying contact jobs but it is the most popular and sought after United State working visa, not only here it is a “dual intent” visa that means this visa holder can be apply for US green card/legal permanent residency. So if you want to apply to the program, you must follow the following directions.

Applicant Requirements:
1. Applicant should have completed bachelor’s degree.
2. Applicant should have specialty occupation
3. Must have DOL and USCIS requirements, the DOL & USCIS requirements is H-1B petition form 1-129.

Application Procedure;

Initial Steps;
1. Find an Employer or sponsor as you can’t sponsor H1B VISA for yourself. So you need firstly find an Employer to hiring you.
2. Check your H-1B eligibility and H1B petition process, if you have successfully submitted H-1B petition process and approved, you need to visit your nearest or country US embassy.
3. If all initial steps are completed, you need complete following online steps-

Online Steps;
1. Visit the U.S. Department of State consular electronics application center website. See the website link in the Resource section.
2. Check photograph quality, there are photo checking option. You must need a square size digital photograph. (600X600 pixel, JPEG format and weight lower than 240 kb).
3. Choose your location, that means where you from want to apply.
4. In next step, you will get your application ID, you need to print your application ID.
5. Setup security question and answer this question and click continue button.
6. Complete online form filing and with your personal information like name, address, phone number, passport information, travel information, US contact information, family status, working experience, educational qualification etc.
7. Upload your photo.
8. Review your application, if needed correction please edit, never submit wrong application.
9. If complete sign in your account.

Payment Steps;
Pay the H-1B application fees. You will pay this bill with international supported credit or debit card, master, VISA, American Express etc.

Make an Appointment for VISA interview;
After payment application fees, make an appointment and complete VISA interview process, if you have passed in VISA interview, you get the H-1B VISA stamp on your Passport.

Fingerprint Steps;
After complete VISA interview, complete US VISA fingerprint at OFC.

Final Steps;
Go to return your nearest US consulate to schedule final VISA interview; don’t forget to carry following documents in the final interview’s day.

* Passport, Photograph, DS-160 barcode page, money receipt of VISA application fees, appointment letter, petition and others supporting documents.


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