Free Seashells Elgg Theme

Are you looking for free themes for the Elgg website? If yes, Seashells is the best free theme for the Elgg website. According to its customer or user, Seashells is almost comparable with premium themes.

Preview of Seashells Theme

Seashells theme for Elgg is not a premium theme, but it grates feature like search engine friendly, HTTPS-access, user-friendly navigation with the drop-down menu, colour-changing option, and more.
Even there is an automatic updating option. See the themes screenshot in the below-

How to Install Seashells Elgg Theme;

To install the Seashells theme by Elgg, you must accept or agree to the licensing agreement. By the way, if you have an understanding of its license agreements, follow the following steps to install.

1. Download the themes from the Resource suggested website.
2. log in to your website server and upload the downloaded zip file in your website public HTML root.
3. Finally, unarchive or unzip the uploaded file.
4. If unzip successfully, log in to your website and administration area and go to the Tool Administration.
5. Find out that the theme_seashells are available and enable. If enabled, you may select the theme and save.


Download Seashells theme

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