How to add Facebook Like page in OpenCart

Open cart is the free e-commerce script so that you may install and use it for free. But there is a default theme where are no facebook options. If you want to add Facebook like or share options, you need to create Facebook-like or share modules. If you are a web developer,r you may do a module using their developer instruction. Otherwise, you need to free download or purchase modules from the OpenCart market.

Once if you have downloaded the Facebook module follow the following directions.

1. Firstly, unzip or extract the downloaded archive.
2. Upload the file/folder in root directory; for example, upload the facebook.php file public html> admin> controller> Module.
3. Once complete upload all files correctly, you need to log in to your open cart website as an administrator. If logged in, then log out and log in again.
4. Go to the Module option under Extensions and install the Facebook module.
5. After installation, click the Edit button; there are iFrame codes required. To get the iFrame code visit its Facebook developer link and create Facebook custom-like button entering your Facebook page URL Example”,”
6. Push Get code a put up windows will appear and select from the top “IFRAME” and copy the code.
7. Paste the code in the required box, set up a place to show the like button, and save it. And see its work correctly.

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