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PNC is one of the largest nationwide banks in the America. Last years, the company’s revenues were $17,096 millions that’s changed above -11% from 2009 and net income was $3,412 million that’s increase above 39% from 2009. Although their revenue has down from 2009 nevertheless its online service hasn’t damage. In a topical explore recognized that the bank also change and improved their technological systems with customers expectations. For example, once it was limited in physical banking, then intranet banking, then intranet with automatic teller machine, then internet banking and now internet banking with huge of device with difference types of software, online money fund transfer, balance check and more which are fantastic. Again if I want to manage my account with mobile device then there are iPhone application that really amazing to write deposit slips or check, real time history, last 6 years statements and much facilities. Now you may questions me that its online banking services are secure? Hey guys, your asked question is simple as every online banking servers are much powerful and the sites share data with encrypt, yet sometimes some individual accounts has attacked by hackers. You may follow the following direction to safe your banking account from hackers.

1. Don’t share your user name and password with another person.
2. Use highly protected PC.
3. Don’t share your personal information (same of bank account information), same email address and password in another location or website.
4. Don’t use public computer.
5. Don’t open pushing mail.
6. Change your account password monthly or quarterly.
7. If you believe your password has been stolen then quickly contact with service providers representative and change your password.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to open PNC bank account
A. If you interested to opening PNC savings, current, personal or business account, firstly visit your nearest PNC bank branch office. If you want to apply online, visit the PNC official website and choose what types of account you want to open and file out online. To open an account required the following documents;
1. Photo identification
2. Social security number
3. Tax id or driving license (if required)
4. And others personal information

Q. Ho to open PNC online banking account
A. If you have PNC saving, checking or others account you easily sign up for online banking. To sign up go to and click the new to online banking “Get Started Now” button. There are required social security number, card number and PNC account with other personal information.

Q. How to login PNC online banking account
A. To login online banking account click here and press your username and password in required field.

Q. How do I export statement from PNC bank
A. Login your account and select online statement tab there are last six years statement with pdf download statement.

Q. how do i access my pnc investments account
A. Select “Retirement, investment & Wealth” option when you’ll goes to login. If first time, enter your investment account number in bank account required field.

Q. how to find my pnc routing and account number
A. Your bank branch routing numbers are located bottom side of check or call at 1-888-PNC-BANK for additional help.


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