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Online banking always supports online bill payments services for various purposes. So capital one online payments are nothing new; thus, you may question me why these articles. Hey guys, if the online bank always accesses online bill payments service, even tremendous of the bank made the online payment in the same way, yet there are difficulties. My articles will help them, which are the first time at capital one online. By the way, if you need to idea of how to pay any bills with money one, then you first needed an online banking account. You may register for an online banking account at any time by visiting its website. Mainly peoples/customers need to pay virtual bills, automatic bill pay, and credit card or loan bills payment. Now I discuss the online payment procedure for three types of bills briefly in the below-

Pay all virtual bills

If you are interested in paying virtual bills with a Capital, one online banking account, follow the following directions.
1. log in to your Capital One online banking account (see the Capital Online banking website link in the Resource sector).
2. Click the “Pay Bills” tab, and there are three simple steps
3. Add payee information (enter your payee name, account number. The nickname is optional)
4. Make a schedule of your payment (payment account, due date, etc.)
5. And finally, check your payment status.

Capital one auto online payments

You can not set up automatic payment command, but you can make a schedule, and you need to customize or recommend before each billing cycle. For example, if you want to pay an electric bill with Capital one online, then make the bill the first time as a virtual bill payer. Next month, brow the payee and make payment schedule and payment amounts for this month, then automatically pay an electric bill. On the other hand, if you want to pay capital one related bills, you will make automatic payment schedules. The automatic payment options are available under Pay Capital One tab in the online banking account dashboard.

Capital one credit card online payments

Capital one online payments for credit cards are another feature of online banking. Actually, if you have a capital one credit card, such as a venture credit card, you may access your credit card account online. This means you may pay virtual bills with credit cards and automatically pay your credit card bill online from saving accounts. When a credit card holder set up an online banking account, then needed setup alternate savings or checking to account as credit funds. If due to credit card payment, then automatically pay the due balance from alternate savings or checking account.

To pay your credit card or loan bills, log in to your online banking account and click the “Pay capital One” tab. There are pay to pay from, payment due date, payment amount, etc. options to set up and pay bills.

To add an alternate account, select the payment account from the “Pay From” tab from the dropdown menu. If the payments account unavailable, click the “manage payment account” link and enter your bank account number, routing number, and types of account and other required information.


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