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American Express is one of the world’s best credit cards, charge cards, traveller’s cheque, etc., worldwide or a company like master or VISA. Many countries access American express cards to pay everyday bills in supermarkets, retail or wholesale stores, shopping malls, or other service centres without interest. Not only here, 80% e-commerce website always accesses the American express credit card like Master, Discover, or VISA. By the way, if you have an American Express credit card, you may pay virtual bills. As a result, the American express cardholder needed to pay due to bills. Some countries access American express bill online or cash or retail stores/agents or directly allow them from savings/checking accounts. This means American Express credit card holders may set up their bank (checking/savings) account to deducted pay its bill when due to pay. On the other hand, if you want to pay your bill using the American Express website, the following direction will help you pay bills.

Common Steps to Pay Bill

1. Visit the American express official website; see the website address in the Resource section. There is a need to set up bank accounts for the first time. So the process only applies to, which wants to create an online account first time.
2. Click the left side. Create a New Online Account to open an online account the first time. If you have an existing online account and want to add a new card to manage or bill pay, then click the “Add Card to Existing Online Account.”
3. In the next steps, press your 15 digits card number (the number located front side of your card) and four digits card id. If you don’t have the four-digit card ids, then enter your bill address—Press the “Continue” button.
4. Next steps are account-preference steps, so enter your personal information, banking information and generate a unique username and password.
5. Setup the payment amount that will automatically take from your banking account.
6. If all steps have been completed, complete the email verification process to activate your online account. It will deduct payment monthly. On the other hand, if you want to pay bills manually, log in to your account and make payment.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. How to pay American express late payment
A. For late payment, contact your service provider. There are $25 late payment fees. Suppose you don’t pay over six billing periods, then $35 extra fees applicable. For online payment, you must pay with late fees.

Q. Can I pay my American Express bill with a prepaid gift card
A. American express gift card is a prepaid loaded card used to accept American Express credit cards. But you use the card at cruise lines, casinos, ATMs, or for recurring charges. If you need additional information, you may call at 1-877-297-4438.

Q. How do I pay my American express bill using money gram?
A. To pay using money gram contact your service providers. Some country it doesn’t accept.

Q. How do I pay quarterly federal taxes with my American express
A. Visit the federal tax payment website and select American express in payment method.

Q. How do I pay my Ohio state taxes with my American express
A. Go to the Ohio state official website and select American express in the Payment method. There are American Express options under the credit card area in the payment method.

Q. Can I pay my Macy’s charge with an American express gift card
A. Of course, Macy’s access American Express credit card. Not only here, but Macy’s also offers Macy’s American Express card for their customers.

Q. Can I use an American Express gift card at a gas station
A. Yes, some listed gas stations access American Express gift card.


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