W-2 eXpress to Access Sears Employees Wage & Tax Statements Online

W-2 eXpress is a TALX powered employee’s wages and tax statement website, where enrolled employee can be online access their earning and tax statements. Basically TALX offer employee data base such as earning statements, tax statements, paperless pay etc. On the other hand Sears is a group of company in the USA which has agreements with TALX to contribute employee’s wages and tax statements online. So if you are an employee of Sears you may access your statement use the subsequent guiding principle.

1. There are need to enrolled or login your online account. So if you are ready to access your account visit W-2 eXpress or Resource recommended website.
2. Enter your Employer name or code, sears employer codes are 10156 for sears holding, 90519 for sears Puerto Rico, 10173 for sears studio. So press your company code in the obligatory box.
3. In the subsequently steps, put your username and click Continue key.
4. In the final login steps, you need to wait up to viewing security image to verifying, and then enter your pin number. Click on the Login in key.
5. If you are first time it’ll recommend to enrolling online services. So click the Enroll Now button.
6. It’s a secure website so you may make surety here, this means if you have use personal computer you may tick to remember for future. If public computer then tick the public computer options. Click the Continue button.
7. Select a security image there are 10 difference images, scroll the arrows key to views image. If selected then click Continue key.
8. In the next steps, there are 6 security question and answering options so select questions and give the answers. Click the Continue key.
9. Enter your phone number, extension etc and click the Continue.
10. Verify your entered information and click Continue key, you also modify or back by use the Back key. Finally click the “Complete” key to completing the registration process.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. How do I view and print my wages statements?
A. To view and print wages statements, firstly login your account use the upper information. Once logged in click the “W-2 Reprint” under “W-2 features”. If needed annual report click the Annual Earning Statements options.

Q. How do I reset my PIN?
A. To reset your PIN, click the “Change Your PIN” under My Account.

Q. How do I update my personal information?
A. Change your personal information options are available under My account tab.

Q. What is my Employer code?
A. There are difference employer codes such as 10156 for sears holding, 90519 for sears Puerto Rico, 10173 for sears studio.

Q. How do I enroll for direct deposit?
A. You need to enroll Sears Holding HR website, or call at the service desk. There are diversity service phone numbers such as-

1-800-998-1500 for Sears Retail Formats
1-888-828-4194 for Kmart Retail Formats
1-800-426-2290 for Non-Retail Formats
1-800-869-8625 for Hoffman Campus
1-866-562-7800 for Michigan Campus
1-888-814-7724 for MyGofer Formats


W-2 eXpress

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