Pilgrim Pride E-payroll Accessing Guidelines

According to Fortune 500, Pilgrim’s Pride is the world 2nd largest chicken manufacturers with over 38 thousands employees. The chain’s head offices are situated in Greeley, CO, USA. My present topics will discuss its employee’s e-payroll or paperless pay systems. Its employee can online access paperless pay as it has get in touch with TALX. So if you are an employee of Pilgrim, you’ll access your pay paperless pay online by following sing up or login instructions. Not only here, an employee may online proof their employment, income, data reports and others. It’s secure website so there are various verification steps.

1. To login paperless pay account, visit the work number website. See the website link in Resource.
2. Press your employee code in the required box and click the Continue button. Then you’ll directly go to the employee login page where you need to select option that what purpose do you want to login.
3. For example, if you want to proof your employment then click the first link, to proof of employment and income then 2nd link, 3rd link for data report, 4th link for additional account features.
4. In the next steps, enter your user id and click Continue.
5. Finally enter your PIN number and click the Log In button. If needed any assistance contact your HR manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I register for paperless pay?
A. You need to contact with your supervisor or HR department to get employee code, user id or get related information.

Q. What is my PIN number?
A. Your PIN number is last 4 digits of your social security number.

Q. Why need to paperless pay?
A. Actually paperless pay is faster than paycheck, and it use direct deposits or ACH. So it is less cumbersome.

Q. Is confidential of my information?
A. Yes, the website provides your information securely.


Pilgrim Pride E-payroll

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