How to unlock my verizon bold cell phone

Verizon holds up many Blackberry bold phones with postpaid and prepaid calling plans. So if you have a Blackberry phone and are interested in using the Verizon network, you may easily set up a network or unlock your phone. You need the following documents to unlock or set up the system.

1. Your phone set IMEI numbers (15 digits)
2. Network MEP number (10 digits)

Your phone IMEI number is located in phone packages, or dial *#06# from your phone. To get MEP number contact with Verizon (network carrier), they will ask for your IMEI number. For help, you may call at 1-800-837-4966. On the other hand, substantial Uge online vendor offers several network MEP numbers such as,, etc. Once if you have received the MEP number, see the following guidelines-

1. Turn on your phone.
2. Go to the Settings or Option from your phone.
3. There are several menus under Options or Settings.
4. Firstly, tap the Advanced Options. There are some sub-menus.
5. Tap the SIM CARD from the sub-menus (SIM CARD option is located bottom of sub-menus).
6. It will be shown no valid SIM card and promote to enter your contacted or carrier’s 10 digits MEP number.
7. If your entered phone number is correct, then you will see the code has accepted the message.
8. Short cut; Settings/Options>>Advanced Options>>SIM CARD>>Enter Network MEP number.
9. Your phone has unlocked and ready to use.

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