How to activate a verizon prepaid wireless phone

Verizon is one of the largest wireless networks in the USA. There are post-paid and pre-paid voice calls or data plans. Suppose you are living in the Verizon service coverage areas. In that case, we believe you are a mainly lucky person as there is better quality service nearly AT&T. Basically, its 4g LTE services have overtaken the other networks 4g services. By the way, if you are new to the system or want to use a new phone as an existing user, you need to activate your phone. To start a new phone, you need to complete several standard processes. I’m trying to describe here the typical steps of a new phone activation procedure briefly.

Switch On/Turn On

Every new phone is separate from the battery. So firstly need the setup phone-battery. If the battery’s pin has covered, then remove the cover and complete setup. After adjusting the shower, you need to charge the battery fully. When the charge is full, turn on or switches on your phone. Your phone reads the colour button or holds a switch on the button (it’s dependable on the phone model).

Find the MEID or ESN number.

Each new phone has a matchless MEID or ESN number with a printed sticker. So you need to find out the 11 digits unique MEID or ESN number. The MEID or ESN number may be located in the following areas.
1. Behind the battery.
2. Below the battery.
3. Back of the phone.
4. At the top of the phone package.

The next steps will be complete two ways, such as online and via phone-

Online Activation

To activating online, the following steps must be required.
1. Go to the Verizon wireless official website. See the website link in the Resource section.
2. Tap the “All Prepaid Plans” is to be found under the “Plans” menu.
3. The window will promote you to activate a new phone, so click the “Activate the new phone” button.
4. Type your zip code and tap the “Submit” button. Select your area code from the drop-down menu.
5. In the next steps, enter the 11 digits MEID or ESN numbers and tap the “Continue.”
6. Select a prepaid plan and access its uses agreements. Tap the “Select a Plan and Continue” button.
7. It’ll take a few moments to make a new number, so few moments and write or save the displayed number.

Activate by Phone

Dial “*22898” from your phone and follows its voice directions. If needed, help call at 1-800-837-4966.

Resource Verizon Wireless

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