How do I connect to internet through verizon smart phone using 4g LTE

Verizon offers a long term evolution of a 4G network that is 10xs faster than a 3g network for wireless phone users. In general consideration, 4g LTE is more costly than 3g connections, but 4g always especial characterized. There are unlimited data plans for 4g supported smartphones, including Blackberry, Android, and all types of iPhone devices. On the other hand, if you have a 3g connection, you may easily upgrade to 4g LTE. Everything you need to subscribes for 4g data or call plan.

To first time users need to verify that Verizon 4g is availed in their area (Currently Verizon cover over 400 cities in the United States), if available, then visit its official website or local office to subscribes. You’ll need contact information, social security number, and additional information to apply online. Once connected to your phones or devices, you’ll use the internet, check email, etc. There are substantial Smartphone devices. That not possible to describe in a topic. I discuss here the iPhone 5 internet configuration.

To set up the internet, the first time follows the following steps.

1. Go to the “Settings” app on your iPhone 5.
2. Click the Wi-Fi options and ON it.
3. There is a list of your areas Wi-Fi, which is running activate.
4. Select Verizon from and press your password. And join the Network.
5. If connected, you may use the internet. If you need a browser, visit app stores, there are a huge of browsers.
6. If you want to set up an email account, go to “Settings”>>Mail>>Add Account>> Microsoft Exchange.
7. If you want t set up a Gmail account, then enter Gmail id and password in the required field and click Next.
8. In the next steps, put “” in the server name required field and click the Save button. Your email id has been added successfully.

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