How do I access Gmail account on Verizon phone

Verizon is the wireless phone (voice call, messaging, mobile TV, 4g data transfer, etc.) & wireless internet operator throughout the United States. The network always offers internet service for their customers. But there is a multimedia messaging option that allows for send as email. For example, you may send text only (SMS) email or with insert pictures. If you send us an SMS, but your Smartphone be convert email, and there are required domain names. You may also use your Gmail address to receive or send the email. On the other hand, each multimedia set has a web and email setting menu where you will add your Gmail address to access automatically. The following guidelines help you to set up the first time.

1. Go to your phone’s Setup menu. If you have an old model or java background phone, then the email setting options are located in the Message menu.
2. Click the Email Settings menu and agree to its terms and conditions.
3. In the next steps, click the Add button. Some email providers logos, so to set up Gmail, click the Gmail icon, then it will be installed and create an icon on the home page.
4. Click the Gmail icon.
5. In the windows, press your Gmail address, password, Google incoming, and outgoing mail servers.
6. Enter “” in the incoming server required field.
7. Put “” in the outgoing server required field.
8. Finally, click the OK button and close the window.
9. Send text and multimedia messages as an email, log in to your Gmail account, and create an email.
10. Enter your phone number in the “To” area.
11. Add the additional email address for multimedia messages. Finally, send the message. After everything, Gmail shows show a multimedia message on your phone.
12. On the other hand, mobile email applications are available le in-app stores that you download and use to Gmail or other email access.

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