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How to Access or Log-in Sakai@MD Anderson

Sakai@MD Anderson is an authorized access website of the University of Texas MD Anderson cancer center where you may admission to advance researches tools, clinical tools and others. There are project, portfolio and course site in your working area. By the way if you want to access the website, you need to complete simple steps. Seem to be the following steps-

1. Visit the Sakai@MD Anderson official website; see the website link in Resources section.
2. There are course enrollment options such as if you are involved with the University of Texas MD Anderson cancer center then click the first link, otherwise click the second link.
3. Next steps, enter your name and email address and click the submit button.
4. It will suggest OK button to create an account in the next steps. If click the OK button, it will be send systems message to your email with two links, first link will suggest to setup your password and 2nd link will suggest to enroll to course. So complete involved steps.
5. If completed the all steps, visit www.mdanderson.org/sakai and login with your email address and password.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I make schedule?
A. There is schedule option where you add class, exam, meeting, quiz and other event with academic calendar. Shortcut; Login your account>> Schedule>>Add.

Q. How do I access MD Anderson webmail?
A. To login your MD Anderson email, visit the mailbox.mdanderson.org. Have any questions you may call at 1-713-794-4636.

Q. I’m not involved with MD Anderson, can I access Sakai@MD Anderson?
A. Yes you able to access Sakai@MD Anderson online, just visits Resources suggested link and select option (I am not an MD Anderson employee or student).


Sakai@MD Anderson