Step Up For Students to Scholarship for Floridian Low Income Students

Step Up For Students is an organization in Florida which provides scholarship for low income parent’s school-children. In a study found that, approximately 53% African-American children has baulked economically to read at graduate level. So there are need financial supports to complete graduate level from various organizations. In the point, Step Up For Students is a useful organization as it is provides scholarship to student in K-12. If you are a low income person you will apply for you child in this program, and if your child qualified for this program then your child will receive scholarship which values over $4,335 for private school. So save nearly $5,000.

There are running register to receive notification online for 2013-14 session scholarship. If you’d like to participate, you may online register to add your information in its contact list. See the registration link in Resource.

Eligibility to apply
There are conditions to apply, as the program only for low income peoples. For example- You may apply, if your household incomes below $2,333 for two members, if over your family member add $611 for each member. If your household income over $2,900 for two member, you don’t eligible to the scholarship program.

If your child has been eligible to 2012-13 session scholarship, you may online login for to check your application status, access brochure online if approve and other purposes. If needed help you may call at 877-735-7837.


Step Up For Student

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